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Six Most Memorable Moments of Greys Anatomy Season

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The third season of Grey's Anatomy had some exciting moments. First viewers caught up with the gripping season finale of season two, which left two questions regarding the future of two of Grey's Anatomy's favorite characters. Now that the season has ended, it would be appropriate to take a look at some of the most memorable moments of the season.

Grey's Anatomy Most Memorable Moment #1 - Burke is alive!

At the end of season 2, Grey's Anatomy fans were left hanging after Burke was shot outside of Seattle Grace Hospital. As a fan, I could not wait to find out his fate, which was revealed in the season three premiere. Burke was shot while trying to save another one of Seattle Grace Hospital's beloved characters, Denny. Unfortunately, Burke's injury would leave him questioning his ability to perform heart surgery again. Thankfully, his stubborn girlfriend-turned fianc��e, Christina Yang, was able to help him do his job once again.

Grey's Anatomy Most Memorable Moment #2 - Meredith Chooses McDreamy.

This was not a real shocker, but it was nice to see Meredith finally make her mind up, indefinitely, for a change. Some viewers may have preferred to see her with Finn, the short-lived character played by Chris O'Donnell, than with Derek Shepherd. Finn was the nice guy with no issues, except for the fact he was a widower and Derek was the bad guy, who cheated on his cheating wife. What a winner, right? This just proves good guys do finish last, at least on television.

Grey's Anatomy Most Memorable Moment #3 - Izzie receives Denny's fortune.

While it was unfortunate to see Izzie Stevens so traumatized by the passing of her love, whom she helped kill -accidentally, it was nice to see her receive something nice. It took Izzie a lot of time to put the money in the bank and when she did, she used the money for good. First, she paid for an aÊúçë iling patient's costly surgery, after finding out the insurance company would not cover the procedure; and second, she financed the construction of a new free clinic at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Grey's Anatomy Most Memorable Moment #4 - Addison and Alex hook-up.

When Addison and Alex hooked-up, it was not much a surprise on the side of Alex, but that of Addison. Throughout season three, Addison and Mark Sloan had a bet going that he could not go without sex for sixty days. Mark kept his promise, but Addison just could not keep her hands, or lips for that matter, off of Alex. It was pretty shocking to see Addison succumb to the sleaziness of Seattle Grace Hospital, but what's a sexually frustrated OB-GYN to do, when surrounded daily by good looking guys?

Grey's AnatomyMost Memorable Moment #5 - George, Callie, and Izzie love triangle.

If the show did not have enough drama already, adding a complicated love triangle into the mix was just what Grey's Anatomy needed. The love triangle started when George married Callie, who got in the way of George and Izzie's close friendship. The conflict continued for a few episodes and suddenly George couldn't take Callie's complaining anymore and they got into a fight. Following the fight, George goes over to Meredith's house, which she shares with Alex and Izzie, and shares a bottle of liquor with Izzie and one thing led to another. This was pretty interesting because Izzie and George had never showed any form of attraction to each other in previous episodes. This triangle intensified in the season finale when Izzie told George she was in love with him, right after George and Callie tried to make a baby. Season four should be interesting for these three.

Grey's Anatomy Most Memorable Moment #6 - Alex really does have feelings.

In his cold, macho heart, Alex Karev really does have feelings. He comes off as the typical man's man, but when the ferry accident leads him to saving a pregnant Jane Doe, his softer side shines through. It might be the actor, Justin Chambers, coming through when Alex shows affection for the newborn baby. It is as natural as it can get. After months of caring for the amnesiac woman, he finds he really loves her but at the end it was too late. She is married and left to be with her husband. Hopefully, season four will give Alex some luck with the ladies.

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