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Rochesterfest in Rochester Minnesota

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Get ready for a lot of fun and excitement when you join in on the happenings down at the Rochesterfest in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochesterfest in Rochester will be having many food vendors for your appetite needs and will also be having a lot of fun activities that the entire family can join in on. Rochesterfest in Rochester, Minnesota has one particular event that many are waiting for. The Lumberjack competition always has the town talking and it is one of their main events. At the Lumberjack there will be many competing to win some of the cash prizes that they have but only one will win the grand prize of $15,000. The top prize goes to the top-ranked lumberjack.

The Lumberjack has many competitions including the standing block chop, springboard chop, Men's underhand chop, two men sawing, Jack and Jill sawing, women's underhand chop, and many other great competitions for the Lumberjack. There will be multiple winners for each competition. The cost for admission is $8 for adults, $5 for children who are 6 to 17 years old, and free for children under the age of 5. If you happen to have a Rochesterfest button you can expect to get $2 off of this event.

If you are looking into getting a Rochesterfest button you can get one for $3 at many locations including Andy's Liquor, Bread Baker, City Hall, Colonial Lanes, Days Inn, Eagle Drug, and many other locations. There is a complete list of locations to purchase a button on the Rochesterfest official website.

There are many benefits to purchasing a Rochesterfest button like getting discounts on activities, on restaurants, receiving free stuff, and free food. The Rochesterfest button is well worth the cost and will more than pay for itself.

There will be many events taking place at the Rochesterfest in Rochester are the Co-ed Volleyball Tournament at McQuillan Volleyball Courts, the Home Federal Plane Pull for the March of Dimes, Oakwood Cemetery walk, and many other activities for your enjoyment.

Each activity starts at a different time and location. There is a full list of activities that are taking place at the Rochesterfest in Rochester, Minnesota and a list of the time. Each activity will cost a different price and discounts are given to at most places if you are wearing a Rochesterfest button. Proceeds for a lot of the vendors and activities will be going to charities including the March of Dimes.

Food vendors such as Tommy's concessions, Charlie's concessions, Daniel's restaurant, Lions Club Bratwurst , and many others will be set to sell items such as hamburgers, buffalo burgers, cheesecake, hot dogs, pork chops, nachos, corn dogs, onion rings, bratwurst, slushies, drinks, and many other food items.

Rochesterfest in Rochester is something that you don't want to miss out on. For more information on the Rochesterfest in Rochester you can go to their website at

Rochesterfest in Rochester is suppose to be one of the most exciting events in Rochester, Minnesota with plenty of different activities, great food, and a lot of family fun.

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