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RFID Chips Are Here

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What is an RFID chip? RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It is a miniature circuit with a small antenna that when activated by an electronic scanning device, it gives off an identification number. RFID chips have actually been around for some time in a larger form that has been used in stores to tag expensive items to help prevent theft. However the first of these were not really programmed with a number as much as they were designed just to trigger an alarm system. Today they can make RFID chips with a large enough numerical base to identify every product manufactured, every human being, every animal, and just about anything else you can think of identifying.

When RFID chips first came out they were expensive. Now the prices have dropped dramatically, and they cost about $.50 each. It is projected that the cost will eventually drop to five cents at which point it will be cost effective to put an RFID chip in every product that costs a dollar or more. RFID scanning for products in a store would be faster and more efficient than using the barcode scanners we use today. A belt could literally run from where you unload groceries from your cart to where a bagger would bag your groceries, and everything that travels down the belt would automatically be scanned and prices totaled up. That is the brighter side of the technology.

On the darker side of this technology is the Verichip that is designed for implantation in humans. In 2005 the FDA approved the implantation of the VeriChip as a medical device. The intent behind it is for Alzheimer patients as well as possibly for medical awareness bracelet or dog tag replacements. Of course the problem here is that servers can be down and information may not be accessible in enough time to save a person's life, in which case dog tags would be better. The introduction of using a chip or something of the sort to implants into people is of course going to be introduced under the guise of innocence.

It should be no surprise that the FDA approved the VeriChip even though as far back as 1996, reports from experiments in labs using RFID chips shows the use of RFID chips as potentially causing cancer. The FDA which originally was designed to test products and medicines as well as food products to ensure its safety to the public, has over the past few decades become influenced by the power of money as it seems all levels of government and people are influenced. Today vaccines, medications, and new technologies seem to get passed for the rich corporations in spite of evidence that indicates the products are not safe. This holds true for the Verichip.

But where can RFID chips lead? At present they say you have to be within 4 feet of the RFID chip in order to read it, but how much will that change with technology? Since we have GPS devices that can pinpoint the location of a GPS receiver, it is not inconceivable that within a couple years people wearing an RFID chip can be identified and located anywhere on the planet via satellite. Even without that technology, anybody who can get their hands on an RFID chip reader, can steal your identity without picking your pocket or hacking your computer.

The use of RFID chips in people has already been suggested by President Bush and by Europe. I believe eventually everyone will be required to have an RFID chip, but of course it will start off much more innocent than this. Bush has suggested RFID chips for immigrant workers and Europe has suggested RFID chips for released prisoners, and of course the FDA has suggested the use of RFID chips for children and patients with Alzheimer's. But this is just the beginning.

Since September 11, 2001 terrorism has been the focal point of invading the privacy of citizens and the usurpation of freedoms. I believe terrorism will escalate perhaps even to a point of a major world war. In the face of terrorism, the platform would be established for the importance of every individual to be chipped. This way terrorists would be identified, and citizens could be protected, (yeah right). At this point anyone who refuses to have the chip implanted in their right hand or forehead could be considered a terrorist or an enemy of the State. After all, if you are a law-abiding citizen and have nothing to lose then why would you refuse to be identified with a chip?

Today you or any terrorists can walk into a hardware store and buy a hammer, fertilizer, household cleaning supplies, and any number of items that could potentially be used as weapons or as compounds to make weapons. If everyone were chipped, and all products were chipped, then there would be a database keeping record of everything you buy. Any item use in an act of terrorism could be tracked to a number of people who purchased those exact items. Personally I think the government having a database of everything I buy is just a little bit creepy.

It is sad that there is so much technology that can really be used for good, but leave it to man to always find a way to use it for bad. You think of the good side and of RFID chipping, how nice it would be to go to a store, pick up bags at the end of each aisle and bag your groceries as you pick them off the shelves, and when you're all done shopping you don't have to wait in line, you just push your cart out of the store and load your car. As you walk through the exit gates, a radio transmitter receiver will scan all the merchandise in your cart and will scan your RFID chip also, your grocery bill would be totaled up and automatically deducted from your bank account. What a convenience that would be. Computers with delicate information could only be turned on and accessed by the person whose RFID chip matches its security software. It does not take any stretch of the imagination to see how the RFID chip is going to be sold and peddled off to a society, and how John's vision in the book of Revelation that no one can buy or sell unless they receive the mark might be fulfilled.

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