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No Place like Home Working Mothers Choose to Stay Home

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According to the U.S. Census of 2004, over 5.4 million mothers are stay at home mothers, accounting for more than half the mothers in the United States at the time, which was a recorded 82.8 million mothers. The most recent finding which was in 2006 showed an increase in the number of stay at home mothers to be 5.6 million.

More and more working mothers are turning in their time cards at work, and replacing them with adventurous days at home. Some mothers have decided to take the role as a stay at home mother because they desire to spend time investing in their children's lives. For others they will only be a stay at home mom until their maternity leave has expired, and of course others are turned off by the quality and price of child care. What ever the reason may be, one thing is true; choosing to stay at home is quite an adjustment from the usual 9 to 5 work weeks.

As a young mother of three children myself, ages 2 months, 2 years old, and 3, I understand the dramatic change from a normal work day as a Business Manager to the busy, sleepless, and exhaustingly memorable days as a new mother. However, my husband and I decided that we wanted to raise our children in a warm family environment where they would flourish by receiving all the time and attention necessary for them to thrive in society. We also discussed various aspects of our decision of my becoming a stay at home mother, including the change in salary, and we were comfortable that we were making the right decision to invest in our children's lives.

Being a mother and more specifically, a stay at home mother, is equal to holding many work place job positions. In other words, at stay at home mother is a manager, chef, house keeper, activist, counselor, accountant, and the list goes on. has figured the salary of a stay at home mother to be in the six figure range when compared with that of the professional work force. Now that tells me that stay at home mothers work just as diligently as professional working mothers.

It is important for stay at home mothers to know how vital they are to both their family and society at large. Being a stay at home mother requires patience, love, selflessness and sincerity. It is not an easy role to fill and not everyone can take on such a task. Raising kids in this generation should be commended. I personally want to thank all the mothers who have laid their life down to fulfill the needs of their children. Choosing to be a stay at home mother is by far the greatest investment that can be made and the decision will yield an abundant return for years to come.

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