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NBA Draft Javale McGee Scouting Report

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Javale McGee has the look of someone who'll be a great basketball player. He's long and athletic with a wing span of about 7-6, 5 inches more than his height.

Javale McGee is still very raw and very skinny. He might be the rawest player in the draft class. He isn't going to be able to do much against NBA big men because he is not very strong, but he has room to fill in and should with a few years. His long arms suggest that he will be a very strong blocker and very good rebounder in the future. If he works on shot blocking, he should be able to use his 7-6 wingspan and 7-1 height to swat away many shots. Once he bulks up, he can be a star. He is the son of a former WNBA star and looks to become the first son of a WNBA player to play in the NBA. His game somewhat resembles that of a WNBA player because he grew up with his idols being his mom's teammates.

Javale McGee doesn't play above the rim a lot and is very quick, mobile, and a good shooter for his height. He can knock down the 17-19 foot jumper, but doesn't have legitimate NBA range yet. He's still a couple of years away from playing major minutes and contributing because of his lack of strength and lack of any go to post moves. With time, he should bulk up and gain post moves and become an above average NBA player.

With someone like Javale McGee, there is always the chance that he won't pan out and that is scaring some teams away from him, but his upside should get him taken in the first round. He could go anywhere from 15 to the Suns, who are looking for a big man prospect, to the 76ers at 16, who are in need of another power forward, to the Cavs at 19 and the Nuggets at 20, both of whom need inside guys. He won't fall past Seattle at 24.

The worst case scenario is he goes there and that is what I foresee happening. With the Sonics, Javale McGee could take his take to grow along with a bunch of other young, growing inside players. he would have been a top 5 or 10 pick if he had stayed in school and came out after his junior year in 2009. His decision to leave after 2 years shocked some.

PF/C Javale McGee
7-1 240

Base case scenario: Tyson Chandler

Worst case scenario: Patrick O'Bryant

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