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List of Collective Nouns

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Most people know a few collective nouns. They know that there are such things as a gaggle of geese and a school of fish. There are some odder ones that are still more commonly known among people such as a herd of buffalo, a class of students, and a fleet of ships.

However, there are even collective nouns for odder things. What do you call many umbrellas? Did you know that it is phalanx of umbrellas? Wikipedia has now provided us with a list of nouns and the collective nouns that go with them. Here are just a few of those interesting collective nouns. Visit the Wikipedia link to view more of them.

aardvarks An armoury of aardvarks

academics A faculty of academics

accountants A balance of accountants

acrobats A troupe of acrobats

actors A cast of actors

angels A choir of angels

angels A host of angels

baboons A congress of baboons

barbers A babble of barbers

birds A colony of birds

bookkeepers An audit of bookkeepers

books A library of books

caterpillars An army of caterpillars

Catholics A mass of Catholics

cats A clowder of cats

chemists A colloid of chemists

clocks A ticktock of clocks

clouds A souffl�� of clouds

crows A murder of crows

directors A gild of directors

drinks A round of drinks

economists A recession of economists

editors An erudition of editors

eels A fry of eels eels

footsteps A patter of footsteps

gangsters A knuckle of gangsters

geologists A formation of geologists

girls A giggle of girls

goats A trip of goats

hares A down of hares hares

hedonists A debauchery of Hedonists

helicopters A hover of helicopters

homework A slew of homework

ichthyologists A scale of ichthyologists

idiots A thicket of idiots

iguanas A mess of iguanas

jackrabbits A husk of jackrabbits

Jehovah's Witnesses A visit of Jehovah's witnesses

Jews A minyan of Jews

knights A banner of knights

lawyers A quarrel of lawyers

linguists A babble of linguists

mackerel A shoal of mackerel

magicians An illusion of magicians

managers An indecision of managers

newscasters A veneer of newscasters nieces

nymphomaniacs A spread of nymphomaniacs

oarsmen A row of oarsmen

orangutans A buffoonery of orangutans

orphans An abandonment of orphans

over achievers A leap of over achievers

parking attendants A lot of parking attendants

Quakers A meeting of Quakers

racehorses A string of racehorses

rebuttals A quiver of rebuttals

scholars A brow of scholars

schoolies A chalk of schoolies

second thoughts A clutch of second thoughts

taverners A cajolery of taverners

todays A twinkling of todays tomorrows

A promise of tomorrows

turkeys A brood of turkeys

undertakers An unction (or extreme unction) of undertakers

unicorns A blessing of unicorns

voters A constituency of voters v

wardrobe ladies A measure of wardrobe ladies

waterfowl A plump of waterfowl

wikipedians A page of wikipedians

worms A wriggle of worms

yesterdays A flight of yesterdays

zebras A stripe of zebras

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