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Hybrid Autos the Clean Economical Solution

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The auto industry is undergoing a major change all over the world. Analysis and research of statistical figures reveals a trend towards hybrid cars. More and more people it appears, are trading in their conventional cars for hybrid cars, most of which run on petrol. The surprising fact is that this is a conscious move even though hybrid cars cost much more than regular cars.

Fuel consumption with hybrid cars does go down, even upto 50% compared to regular cars. Some of the hybrid cars developed have very low usage of gasoline, and run 50 miles per gallon in the city. The extent of savings possible can be calculated by multiplying the figures by months and years, to get the total saving figures.

Certain models of hybrid cars run on both electricity as well as gasoline. The latest models available do not need to be plugged in for recharging like the conventional electric cars. The batteries of the hybrid cars are self-recharging when the car is running or when the brakes are applied.

These cars have an electric motor for running the car and a gasoline powered engine. It has been designed in such a way that when the car is not in motion but the engine is turned on, it automatically switches off the gasoline engine and switches to electric power. Any pressure applied on the accelerator will restart the gasoline engine. This becomes a big energy saver without any action from the driver of the car. The hybrid car in motion uses both the electric motor and the gasoline engine to share the engine's propulsion.

The Environment's Best Friend-the Hybrid Car

The use of aerodynamics for designing hybrid cars, makes their engines smaller both for gasoline and the electric motor. As a result, the engine reduces noise pollution-they are much more quiet than conventional cars.

Moreover, hybrid cars, also referred to as gasoline-electric cars, use clean energy, and have been tested to reveal that their auto emissions are far less toxic. The emission levels can be reduced by 25% to 90%.

These two findings prove that hybrid cars are environmentally friendly in terms of reducing both noise pollution and air pollution.

Saving Money with Tax Incentives

People exchanging conventional cars for hybrid ones stand to benefit in terms of taxes as well. The U.S. government gives tax incentives for buyers of hybrid cars, the rate varying according to the model used. This is likely to continue for another few years.

Deciding On a hybrid car- A Win-Win Situation

It might take some time to get used to the idea of buying a hybrid car, as they are still a very new concept. But the decision to use one is really a win-win situation in every way. It saves the expense on gasoline, as the same amount of gasoline runs for longer, it gets the buyer tax benefits for an extended period of time, and being environmentally friendly, makes the user feel he too is contributing towards preserving the environment.

Plenty of information is available about hybrid cars online, and each new model's reviews can also be read for details.

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