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She was under half the size of him,

And some pigments in her hair roots weren't where they should've been.

She seemed older than she ought to be, seen things she hadn't ought to see.

She was a grisly 23, she was much darker than he.

He had a baby with that dark-looking woman.

And they met along the coast she was hunting he was fishing,

Somewhere near Sachs Harbour , where you go across to see

To the calm necessities, which had grown stronger recently.

She was territorial from the start.

He should've been more cautious, she should've drove him off,

But theres was something dark beneath his skin.

He had the eyes of a killer and in fact he'd killed a man

Back in times of desperation.

But his mouth was an unfrozen slight protrusion to a grin.

And she followed him to the frozen water where she had never been.

She called him polar bear and by his warmth she melted in.

And soon after she bore him a son.

He had his mothers shadowed face from too much being on the run

And he had his fathers fair yet dangerous complexion

And she knew she could not function in this icy situation.

She said even though he's so very young,

You should teach to be conscious of when to quietly hold his tongue.

But don't you take from him his innocence, he's only just begun.

When hes dreaming out loud don't you ever wake him up.

So she left her baby in his giant hands,

She left him by the frozen water where she hoped shed find a man

Some years later when came back to these parts.

And her mind was racing pulse to destinations off the charts.

But all she found when she came back

Were like her own, yet not her own with their bodies in a bag

And a man with killers eyes and a Winchester 21.

He was in a bad sport, targeting populations.

And he did not mind threatening existence.

So she ran through the trees as she shed a quiet mist and then

She tried to realize why she thought it could have been.

But she knew love only as an indescribable realization.

And she said while the whole world is warming up

The only thing im warming up to is not giving a ____.

But I've never been a killer, so I'll sing this battle call,

Its not too late for polar bears after all.

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