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Haunted Places in Hampton Roads Virginia

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Hampton Roads Virginia is a group of 7 cities in the Hampton Area. They consist of Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News and Hampton. So in this history rich, navy area there are many haunt houses, hotels and areas, many stories and many encounters. I will be touching base on a few of the more famous ones.

Let's start with the Ferry Plantation house in Virginia Beach. This house dates back to 1642 and got its name by the founder Adam Thoroughgood when he started a ferry service from the house. In 1735 it was turned into the cities courthouse which included a stock and pillory. This house was the site of the trial of the only convicted witch in Virginia, Grace Sherwood in 1706. Grace was tried by water. Basically they tied her thumbs to her big toes and dumped her in the river. If she floated she was guilty and if she sank she was innocent but she would also drown. The theory behind that is that water is pure and would reject and impure souls. Grace was imprisoned and later freed. She was a midwife and a healer and was convicted of causing a neighbor to miscarry. Grace is called 'The Witch of Pungo'. While many now say the Ferry house is haunted by Grace since she was imprisoned there for so long her soul is bound to the house. Many faces in the window have been seen in this abandoned house. But nothing more.

Another famous haunting in Virginia Beach is the Cavalier Hotel. This hotel has been reported to be haunted by many ghosts of the early 19th century many say the ghosts are souls of some famous celebrities. Many guests have walked incؾQøto their room and seen their towels one color and gone and unpack and the next time they go into the bathroom the towels are a different color. Many have also seen a spirit of a cat roaming the halls or scratching at the door but when they open the door there is nothing and no one in the hallway. Many also report strange voices and whispering in their rooms while they are trying to sleep.

The Old Coast Guard Station in Virginia Beach has also been the sight of a few ghostly faces in the windows. Many of these have been seen on the ghost walk tours. Could they be staged?

Another haunted hotel is the Boxwood Inn in Newport News. This hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of Nannie Curtis. She is a harmless spirit mostly opening and closing doors and knocking on doors in the early morning, she doesn't believe sleeping in is fun. There is also a gentle man who appears holding a cane and is gone just as fast and he is seen.

Moving on to Portsmouth there is the haunted Glencoe Inn. This in is said to be haunted by an 80 year old lady who like to hang out in the rose garden and leaves the scent of roses in her math threw out the hotel, mostly in winter. Across the street from the Inn is a museum which is haunted by another lady who has been seen looking into the hotel from upstairs windows of the museum.

In Norfolk you will find the Page House Inn. This in is said to be haunted by the mother of the owner of the inn. She likes to open her china cabinet doors, along with other doors in the Inn.

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