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Halloween The Many Superstitions

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Halloween is such a mystical time of the year, engrossed with so many different traditions, and ways to Celebrate this wonderful holiday. There are also many different superstitions associated with Halloween. Probably more than any other holiday. So in this article I will be running down some of the more popular superstitions, and some that might surprise you.

Black Cats

In America, it is said that having a black cat cross your path will bring you bad luck. And if a white cat crosses your path, it will bring you good luck. But in countries like Britain, and Japan, the superstition is reversed.

Oddly enough in the middle ages black cats were hunted and burned alive on Easter and Shrove Tuesday(Known as the day before Ash Wednesday, in countries such as Ireland and Canada). They were said to be linked to occultism.


It is said that putting a lit candle in a Jack-o Lantern on Halloween will ward off demons and evil spirits.

If on Halloween a candle blows itself out, it is said that you are in the presence of a spirit.


In Scotland young women would play a game on Halloween involving Hazel nuts to see if their suitors would be faithful. They would put a row of hazel nuts on the grate in the fire,and assign each hazelnut a name, then they would chant:

"If you love me pop and fly;
if you hate me, burn and die"

In Britain its said that Satan was a nut gatherer, so nuts were considered magic charms on Halloween.

Bobbing For Apples

This Halloween past time originated in the Celtic era. The superstition goes, the first person in the group that is playing to bite an apple will be the first to marry.


People often rang bells on Halloween to scare away any evil spirits that might be wondering around. People also used to bury animal bones in their front yard to scare away evil spirits.


Young girls would often put a sprig of this popular cooking herb under their pillows on Halloween night, for it is said that she would see her future husband in a dream.


For this superstition you might think twice about taking a rolled up newspaper to it. It is said that a spider seen on Halloween is actually a loved one checking up on you.


If you happen to see a bat flying around before dark, it is said that its a sign of good weather.

But if you happen to see a bat fly around your house 3 times, beware, for it is a sign of death.


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