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Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention

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Holidays are a time for celebration but they are also a time for increased home accidents and fires. When you think of Halloween your mind automatically drifts to thoughts of delicious candy. What you really should be thinking about is Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention.

Halloween is a fall holiday. In many parts of the United States and Canada winter is starting to set in and the leaves are falling off the deciduous trees. These leaves present a fire hazard in dry conditions and a "slip and fall" hazard in wet conditions. For Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention you will want to rake your lawn and remove all piles of leaves before mischief night.

Because of the spooky, ghoulish nature of this masked holiday, people love to decorate with candles on Halloween. This preference to use open flame decorations is why paying attention to Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention is so important. Be diligent about Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention with both your outdoor and your indoor Halloween decorations.

All candles should not be unattended or left in places where children and party goers can easily knock them over. For further Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention indoors, be sure to keep candles away from your curtains and window treatments. Decorative votives on a buffet table can singe costumes and possibly catch the sleeves of costumes on fire. Pay close attention not to place candelabras under your paper and plastic Halloween decorations.

For Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention outdoors you will again want to pay special attention to the location of open flame decorations. Place all ground decorations with candles out of foot paths so they will not ignite the unsuspecting wearers of costumes with long flowing skirts or be kicked over. With outdoor holiday electrical lighting remember not to overload sockets and replace burnt out bulbs.

Halloween is a time for fun but also a time to remember fire safety and prevention. Adults have a special responsibility to be guardians of all the children that come to your door on Halloween. For the best Halloween Fire Safety and Prevention avoid using open flame candle decorations at all or keep them to a minimum. There are many battery operated and electric powered Halloween ornaments to choose from.

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