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Green Garden Crafts Stepping Stones

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Garden crafts should be green, and there are so many fun garden crafts that are easy and eco-friendly. You can use broken dishes and pottery, leaves, and bottles to make stepping stones, and these green garden crafts is inexpensive and uses recycled items.

Broken Dishes and Pottery

Making a stepping stone for your green garden can be done uniquely with broken dishes, plaster, outdoor paint, and a plastic plate. Start by making a fun pattern, design, or shape with the broken bits of pottery and dishes.

Then mix the plaster according to directions and pour it onto the plate. Allow for some room to add the broken pieces and place them gently into the plaster. Allow the entire creation to dry before painting it. This green craft will make a lovely stepping stone for your garden.


Using leaves to make a unique imprint on plaster is a great way to design a stepping stone for your garden. For this green craft you need plaster, outdoor paint, leaves, a paintbrush, and a plastic plate. Start this green craft by pouring the plaster onto the plate; then arrange the leaves in any design or pattern you like.

Allow the plaster to dry thoroughly, remove the stepping stone from the plate. The leaves will come off of the stepping stone easily. Use the outdoor paint to add details to the stepping tone, and seal it with an outdoor sealer spray if you like. This green craft is a great way to make a stepping stone for interest in your garden.


When creating green crafts for your garden you should consider using glass bottles. For this garden craft you will need a few glass bottles, a disposable plastic food container, plaster, and outdoor clear sealer spray.

Start this craft by breaking the glass bottle; this can be done safely by wrapping the bottle in a piece of rug or carpet and hitting it with a hammer. After you have your broken glass you should mix the plaster and pour it into the container. If you are making a very high stepping stone you can add a bottle to the center if you like, but make sure to use less plaster to start.

Use the broken glass pieces to make a mosaic in the top of the plaster; remember to create whatever design you like and pay attention to negative space. When the plaster has dried spray it with the sealer, and place this green stepping stone craft in your garden.

Stepping stones are a great green craft for your garden, and once you start making them you will find new items of interest to make stepping stones with as well. Enjoy these crafts and happy spring!

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