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Great Food Party Games and Activities

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Do you have a birthday or party coming up and cant figure out what the theme should be? Well why not make your party all about something that everyone loves, food! Here are some great food games and activities that children and adults both will love.

Have you ever played the game twister where you have to put your feet and hands on the different colored circles? Well I bet you have never played food twister! Here's how you play. You will need chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, spaghetti noodles, and whipped cream, two envelopes, paper and paper plates for this game. Place the chocolate pudding on five of the paper plates, place the vanilla pudding on five more paper plates, place the spaghetti noodles on five more paper places, and lastly place the whipped cream on the remaining five paper plates. Lay the food out on the ground (your going to want to do this activity outside) in rows with each row being a different food. Next write all the different kinds of food on slips of paper and place them in one of the envelopes. Then write left hand, right hand, left foot, write foot on slips of paper and put them in the other envelope. For this game one person is chosen to be the caller they choose one slip of paper from each envelope. Then everyone else has to do what they paper says. So say for example the caller yells out right hand chocolate pudding then all of the players put that hand in the chocolate pudding. Play until there is only one person still standing off the ground (the same rule as normal twister.)

Another great food game is the string donut game. Purchase donuts that have a hole in the middle. Attach a string to two posts or two trees with the donuts hanging on the string. Split your group up into two. Have them stand in a line a ways back from the donuts. Then when you call out go the first person from both lines has to run and eat the donut not using their hands. When they have eaten the donut they run back and tag the next person in lines hand. The first team to get all their players back into the line wins!

Another great activity to do is to make snow cones. You can purchase a snow cone maker just about anywhere and they are really inexpensive. You can have a buffet of flavors laid out for your party guests so that they can choose just the right flavor that they think that they would enjoy.

Another great game is food torture. Split your group into two teams. Have one person sit in a chair on the other side of the playing field. Each person on each team gets an envelope with something to do to the person in the chair. When you call go the first person from each team opens their envelope, reads it, then runs to the person in the chair and does what the paper tells them to do. Then they run back to tag the next person in line. The first team to complete all the tasks wins. Some examples of tasks could be smear chocolate all over the persons face, feed them a twix bar, tie them up with string licorice. You can get really creative with what you chose to put in the envelopes.

These games all should be played outside since they seem to be very messy. By playing these games your guests are sure to have a great time. You can make your party a hit by using these!

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