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Descriptive Writing of My Dorm

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I would say that my dorm is one of the best at Campbell since it's a work of art. As soon as the door opens the beautiful texture and color of the walls are what first catches the person's eyes. The walls, floor and ceiling are all made of pure wood with the mixture of brown and yellowish color. The ceiling and walls have random black dots which are approximately 1.5 inches in radius. The floor has no sort of design but that doesn't make it any less attractive. The yellow texture on the floor reflects golden color as soon as the lights are switched on.

My desk is on the right hand side of the door and it too is the same yellowish color as the rest of the room. Even thought I try to keep my desk clean it is pretty messy sometimes. My desk contains two textbooks, biology and chemistry along with many notebooks and folders still unopened in mint condition. My desk is so big that I even keep my midnight snack on it, in a plastic blue bowl with a steel spoon always in it. If you look even further right you will see my bed which is parallel with the wall, and yes it too is made of wood with the same bright color texture.

My bed has one bed sheet with vertical stripes that run from the head to the feet which also vary in three different colors: red, pink, white, and green. I have one blanket which by the way is dark blue on the outside but it is white underneath. Now if you look to the left from the door you'll see my huge walk in closet, the right half of it belongs to me and the other half belongs to my roommate. The closet is a place where I hang my clothes using the hangers and also a convenient place for me to keep my drawer.

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