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Creating and Managing Labels in Gmail

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create labels in Gmail. I will also show you how to manage your labels in Gmail. By managing, I mean, show you how to move your emails to certain folders, view certain folders, and delete folders that you no longer need. Labels are basically folders in Gmail. These labels are created so you can sort your email.

Creating Labels in Gmail

We will begin with creating labels in Gmail. You should be logged into your Gmail account. At the top of your Gmail account, you will need to click the Settings link. Once the settings page loads, you will need to click the Labels category. That will load your label settings. Scroll down this page near the bottom. You are looking for the "Create a New Label" field. Once you find this field, type in the name of the new label you want to create. Then click the Create button. The page will refresh and you will see your new label.

Removing Labels From Gmail

If there are labels that you want to remove, go back to the labels page. Then scroll down to the bottom part of the labels section. Beside the labels, you will see the Remove link. Click that link to remove the label you want to remove.

Hiding Labels in Gmail

If there are labels that you wish to hide instead of deleting, you can. You will need to visit the labels settings page again and scroll to the bottom part of the labels. Then click the Hide link next to the labels that you want to hide. To unhide them, simply click the Show link next to the ones you want to unhide.

How to Move Emails to Folders in Gmail

If you have emails in your inbox that you want to place in folders (labels), follow these steps. Go to your inbox and check the box next to the email or emails that you want to place in the folder. Then go to the top of your inbox and click the Move To button. When the box opens, click the folder that you want to move the email or emails too. If you have other emails that you want to move to another folder, you can select them and move them the same way.

How to View Your Labels in Gmail

If you want to view your labels in Gmail, all you have to do is click them. On the left side of your inbox, you will see a list of your labels. You can click a label to view the emails in that label.

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