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Converting to Pentecostal

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The religion that I converted to was Pentecostal and it was all started when I was seventeen. I was baptized then and my brother and his wife had already joined the church. But I didn't stay long because I just didn't know what I wanted and now 29 years later I've come back because of Bible studies that my brother and his friend are doing. I became interested in it. I like this religion because they teach the Bible and only the Bible. That it's not a religion it's more of a personal relationship with God and yourself.

It's a religion that I believe in and think that if I do this that my children and other family members will follow so that their lives can be fulfilled. I believe that yes you do make sacrifices but only to better yourself. I'm trying to swear less and since I'm not a drinker or smoker I didn't have to quit that. My only thing is swearing and trying not to get distracted with the idols of the world.

There are no negatives things when converting to a religion unless it's not something for you and something you don't believe in. I chose this religion because it's something I understand they are people who truly love and believe God and aren't hypocrites. When I was a young girl and went to Church we had some people that were rude and thought that they were better than others and everyone else but they were going to hell. The funny thing is that the night before Church they were hanging in bars and slept around. I don't care what you do but don't be a hypocrite and that is why most people don't like religion because of stuff like that. This religion though teaches that we all aren't perfect and are sinners but God loves us anyway. They also don't even want to be called a religion and want to be called more of a relationship.

I'm happy that I converted and like the concept of it. It's something that I can be proud of because I'll be a better person and respect myself. I think that if you truly believe and do what is right then that's great. That is why I like this religion because it's personal and I've learned a lot about the Bible.

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