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Broken glassware
Broken promises
Broken appliances
Broken hearts.
Broken bicycles
Broken arms and legs
Broken windows
Broken habits
And broken parts.
Some worthy of repair
Some unworthy of notice
Some that draw a stare
Some that open as slowly
As a lotus
On calm morning water.

Breaking up
Breaking down
Breaking dates
Breaking silence
Breaking the cycle of violence,
Abuse or addiction -
Breaking the patterns of street rap
Slaughtering diction.
Breaking the reputations
Of the undeserving.
Breaking a fast
Breaking a routine
Of finishing last.
Broken spirits
Broken dreams
Broken secrets
Broken relationships
And broken seams.
Some leave us weaker
Some make us strong
Some find us meeker
Some make the short long.
Some are fit to be sung
While others
Make terrible sounds
Of badly molded bells
Being rung.

Broken ambitions
Broken resolutions
Broken things we swore
Becoming broken absolutions.
Some helping us be calm
Some transforming cold to warm
Some reducing
Self inflicted harm.
All that is broken
Needn't be spoken.
Some breakage
Though it sounds strange
May guide us toward
Unanticipated life change.
To break may invite transformation
A welcome shift in the incarnation
Of ourselves and those who matter -
A broken plate can be more
Than residual shatter.
More than something to be swept up.
Perhaps something to be kept up.

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