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Are You an Effective Manager

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Working with people is an everyday occurrence for most of us. However, for some of us, like me, managing personnel requires a special set of skills. In an ever evolving world the qualities needed to be an effective manager are changing. The days of an overbearing boss with a loud mouth and poor people skills is long gone. To be an effective manager you need to be able to balance not only your employees, vendors, lenders, and customers, but also be a strong leader and self disciplined.

Some of the strongest qualities of effective managers are as follows;

1) Putting People First
As and effective manager, you need to be able to put people above yourself. This is sometimes a tough quality to acquire. Often times in order to become a manager you have to have a selfish attitude, it was that aggressiveness that may have gotten you noticed in the first place. However, now that you are a manager your qualities need to change to become the most effective leader. Whether it is your employees, customers or your vendors, it is imperative to look out for everyone's interest. Creating a synergistic team will pay dividends far beyond what can be accomplished otherwise.

2) Being a Goal Setter
Effective managers develop or implement key goals and procedures for the company and its members. An effective manager also develops a way to measure performance needed to meet the goals and procedures outlined and effective remedies to deal with unacceptable results, including, the removal of his/her self as well, if performance is sub standard.

3) Ability to Create a Synergistic Environment
I believe this is an area that needs to be worked on at almost every location I have ever worked in. Having a manager with this quality is a true gift. To be truly effective as a manager, you need to be able to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to be productive and work together. To get the most out of your team, you need to have a team that works well together. Sometimes that means you may have to let someone go that is a good worker, but that creates drama, for the good of the entire unit.

4) Integrity
Being honest is just the beginning. Having integrity in the workplace is a quality that most managers never acquire. As the leader of your group, no matter how large or small, your people must believe in you. They need to be able to trust you and know that you have their interests at heart. They need to know that you will jeopardize your position to protect theirs. This is a quality that is often missing from many managers. In order to be effective as a manager people have got to be able to believe in you. This is one quality of true leadership.

5) Know your business
You can hire experts in your field, but if you truly want the respect of your people, you need to know what you are talking about. I have met plenty of managers who are great with people that do not have a clue as to the inner workings of what they are in charge of. Whether you are running a Dealership, Restaurant, Bank, Oil Company, Law Firm or any of thousands of other businesses, you have got to know what your company does and what is expected of your employees. You can not optimize what you can not understand.

6) Fairness
This is a unique quality for managers. In order to be an effective manager and maintain the respect of your people, you have to be fair. You can not accept one set of rules for one employee and demand a different set of someone else. You will loose respect immediately if you do. All too often I see managers who favor one employee over another, or to the other extreme, dislike one over the rest. In either case the problem is the perception of the management staff more so than the employee. As a manager you have to understand that all you do, say, act and show, is on display for all of your subordinates. Trust me, they see more than you could ever imagine. Favoritism or biasness is picked up immediately. It is important to do all you can to show that you look at each employee on an equal basis. Let an employee's skill set them apart from the others, not your biased, be it good or bad.

Becoming an effective manager is no easy task. It takes many skills, time and a lot of confidence to get to a point where you command the most respect. If you have just been promoted to or have been in management for a while it is important to look inside yourself and find areas you can improve on. Just remember now that you have made it this far you can not stop. You have to maintain that drive and ambition you had to get there in the first place. You are constantly training your replacements; make sure they are the best they can be so that your qualities and skills live on through your employees.

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