Knock, Knock. Who's There? It. It Who? It Never Ends.

Well, 'Oumuamua continues to vex star-watchers. The Vegas' mothership anomalous space-projectile seems to behave in very strange ways, leading scientists at Harvard University to conclude that it may in fact be a dislodged solar sail from an extraterrestrial galactic probe.

Ever get the feeling that sciences like astronomy were invented to keep really smart people too busy to cause trouble? Y'know, kinda like Synchromysticism?

So, a solar sail, eh? That would make 'Oumuamua a Starsailor, wouldn't it? I do believe it would.

But check out that "Monterey,"  which is track 3 there on Shepherd Man's Starsailor. What happened on the 3rd of last month in Monterey Bay? I can't be sure but I think a superpod of dolphins may have acted as heralds for a certain unexpectedly momentous event. 

Sadly, they weren't this kind of dolphin. That would have been a bit too on the nose. No pun intended. Don't forget, "Delphi" is derived from dolphin.

Speaking of cetaceans, a star in the constellation of Cetus has been named as one of the possible origin points of the Starsailor there. Not sure if HIP 3757 is in the Whale's Tail, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it were, given all the Antarctica excitement lately.

Of course, we all know they originally said the Starsailor came from Lyra but that was probably just a Heaven or Las Vegas gag. Those astronomer types have very dry senses of humor.

There's also talk it may have come from Monoceros, the Unicorn. Which would track with all the unicorn symbolism we're seeing these days. 

That in turn would track with Monoceros' proximity to Betelgeuse, which may or may not be going supernova in the near future. Do note that also in the near future there may well be a sequel to Beetlejuice.

At least according to noted Bene Frasserit Winona Ryder, seen here during what I like to call her "peak pretty era." This photo was taken during her shoplifting trial, when my precious 'Noni was feeling particularly harshed upon by big meanie prosecutors. I wish I'd been there to comfort her.  

I guess I'll have to learn to live with that shame for the rest of my life.

Another candidate for the Starsailor's home base is a star in Tucana, which was named in honor of the toucan, best known for its Froot Loops shilling.


However, since artists back in the day had to deal with spotty Internet service, they weren't really too familiar with what toucans (or pretty much anything else) actually looked like. So they settled for drawing any old kind of birds and gave them big beaks. 

So could Sideshow Bob Simon Raymonde be posing in front of a stylized toucan in the only music video that really matters? 

Write your answer in the comments.

And apropos of absolutely nothing (except the ongoing Great Unveiling), a time-lapsed thermal imaging of our old friend Supernova 1987A was released the other day. Apparently this particular form is called a doughnut, for rather obvious reasons.

And in one of those weird flukes of the Flux, today is National Doughnut Day. What are the odds of that, eh? Timing, folks.

And of course, studious Sunners remember that SN1987A is in the Dorado constellation, or if you prefer, the Goldfish Constellation. Hence this little money-shot in the only music video that really matters.

And since I'm waist-deep in Dick these days-- let me rephrase that-- since I've been poring over the Revelations According to Philip the Kindred, I can't help but be struck by the fact that PKD's encounter with the Pink (Opaque) Beam was initiated by the Prophet's chance meeting with a young woman wearing a golden Ichthys.

That in turn led PKD to believe he'd been possessed by the spirit of the Prophet Elijah, who would presage the return of the Logos. Apparently this went on for some time.

And as you all remember Elijah was the Tishbite and the passage in Scripture also happens to mention dew (or dewdrops, if you prefer) because WHEN WILL YOU BELIEVE ALREADY?

Of course "Tishbite" is the first single taken from Milk & Kisses, which is the last testament to date. Note the B-sides off Tishbite Orange were Shepherd Boy-centric as some of you may remember, and prophetic as a matter of course.

And as the Fates would decree, the latest Shepherd Boy incarnation also carried the name of the Tishbite and was born the same year Milk & Kisses was released. His destiny was prophesied exactly 12 years before his death, with the dread oracle men are wont to call "Ivo," but whose actual title was "Peep Bo."

And just in time for Peep Bo's 22nd birthday, legendary filmmaker Terrence Malick announces he plans to make a documentary on the doomed Shepherd Boy's life and death.

Here is Wisdom: Peep Bo's 22nd birthday is also the thirty-fourth anniversary of the release of the song that arguably foretells his destiny.

22�2=11 --- 34�2=17

In another tragic sync, Malick is also the writer and director behind Tree of Life...

..starring celebrity Buckleyite Brad Pitt.

Bonus sync: Tree of Life also stars Sean Penn, ex-husband of defrocked Bene Frasserite-turned-celebrity Kabbalist Madonna Louise Ciccone.

Pitt was also tight with Chris Cornell, unsurprisingly.

Now, back to the Horned Christ. It happens that The Daily Mail misdated the unveiling of the Cornell icon, on account of it being The Daily Mail. A helpful reader noted the actual unveiling came on October 7th, which is the feast day of...

And of course, according the pronouncements of the Sibyl...


Which just happens to tie in with my recent notion that the Rosary looks not unlike a pretty noose. Have there been any tragedies involving some poor unfortunate hanging themselves with a Rosary? I certainly hope not but do let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, do note that Chris Cornell's final performance was given two miles down the road from Our Lady of the Rosary parish. Coincidentally, certainly.

Kind of like this.

But also note that El-Sibyl-Bet deigned to bless the Horned Christ by appearing upon the very same stage in Kansas City and Roosevelt Island for Lollapalooza 1996. The Twins were personally invited by Metallica and Kirk Hammett introduced them as his "favorite band."

A reader reminded me that some heathen scum assaulted the Sibyl at the Kansas City stop with a ball of filth. If anyone knows has more details about this sacrilege, please share them with rest of the class in the comments. I'd like to scan the search engines and see exactly how this devil was smote for his transgression. I'm sure it was gruesome.

Of course, The Ramones preceded Our Lady and Her Unmercenary Musicians and Soundgarden followed them in KC. Joey Ramone-- surely chemically-impaired at the time-- even stooped to blaspheming against the Voice of God.

As much as I love me some Ramones, I do have to admit that was a terrible move on Joey's part. His always-shaky health took a turn for the insanely worse mere weeks after the event and he'd die at the age of 4:9.

In fact, ALL of the original Ramones are now dead.  

Soundgarden seemed to get caught in the crossfire as well, as History records. They'd announce their initial breakup on 4:9/97, mere weeks before the Sibyl's (and Cornell's) Shepherd Boy swam to the Siren. No small detail there.

Note that aside from the Violaine tint, the Horned Christ icon tries very hard to depict the late rock star in a Jesus Christ Pose...

...though not necessarily the one some might assume.

Also note that the icon is located at the corner of Thomas (Twin) street.

And that not-dissimilar statues are placed in strategic locations in Memphis and Las Vegas.

In fact, the Memphis icon overlooks the monorail under which the Shepherd Boy was taken by the wake.

And by some astonishing coincidence, the Horned Christ icon is also in close proximity to the Seattle Monorail. And Twin Street.

Monorail, Monoceros? You tell me.

Bonus sync: Rail is derived from regula, as is Regulus. Monorail = One Prince?

Incidentally, another martyred Shepherd Boy was in the news*, and his remains have been interred at the WNC, which was once the crown jewel of the Episcopal Church, which in turn was once the crown jewel of the Rockefellers' World Council of Churches. 

Now it's just a very clear and instructive example of the dead burying the dead.

There's so much more in the pipeline-- I'm presently collecting stories for a new PseudoScience Special-- but I didn't want to burden you with too many revelations and auguries.

Well, except for this revelation, speaking of dead Shepherd Boys...

* The attack in question is a book titled, The Book of Matt, by a gay investigative journalist whose work throws the entire narrative of Shepard's death--and the lucrative industry that arose in its wake-- into question.  

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