Sync or Swim: Taste the Sound of Purple

OK, we have a lot of syncs to sort through and I am very much pressed for time, so let's try to go over this quickly now and get more in-depth on it all later. In fact, I think a kind of brief objective review is a good idea because my head is spinning so fast I'm afraid it might actually time-travel.

All I can say is that remember all that stuff you were rolling your eyes at yesterday? Well, maybe a weekend rethink is in order.

OK, so yesterday the skies over Florida went purple and kind of freaked a lot of people out. Dedicated Sunners will remember that we've been seeing a whole catalog of weirdness up there as of late so let's just say this is just one more item for the files.

As you can see it caused a bit of a hullaballoo on the Internets. It's adding to the overall apocalyptic resonances kicked up in Michael's wake. 

But let's take a quick look at those skies here, because I'll be damned if they don't remind me quite a bit of something else we just looked at yesterday.

Oh, I'm sorry; it was embedded in one of those bits you always skip over. 

And that's one of the covers for the Violaine CD single. Kind of a bit cloudy, innit? That Starchild-looking face being all out of focus and color-filtered and what not.

Now, does anyone remember when I brought up "Violaine" back when Cyclone Gita hit Tonga during the Olympics?

Oh, you skipped over that part too? No worries. 

Not for nothing, but I'd maybe think of taking another look at that post, seeing how it connects to the Siren Song festival and what-not.

"Violaine" is the final CT single that I was going on about yesterday. The whole thing with the B-sides on the two different versions corresponding to hurricanes, which I talked about in the Cyclone Gita post.

But who cares, right? A bunch of obscure songs released 22 years ago? STFU about it already, right?

Well, like so many resonant items in the Sibyl's back catalog, "Violaine" is being re-released this year. And by "this year," I mean TODAY, as part of that boxset whose cover art corresponds to the Super-Typhoon that hit Japan mere hours after the Sibyl made a rare public appearance in Soho.

Yeah, those songs I've been ranting on about like a nut are re-released TODAY. As in NOW. 

But what does "Violaine" mean, anyway?

Oh. It means PURPLE.

So that single, whose B-side titles I argue correspond to hurricanes-cyclones-typhoons, actually means "purple?"


Another of the B-sides is "Alice," which was featured in The Lovely Bones. And as fate would have it a statue of Alice (of Wonderland fame) was just installed in Milwaukee. It's title?

"The Seer."

Oddly enough, we also saw purple skies in February of this year and February of last year. Very interesting times for it. 

Ritually-speaking, I mean. 

Anyway, "Violaine" is the leadoff track on the CT swan-song, Milk & Kisses. Which...yeah. 

The second track is "Serpentskirt," which you're all sick of hearing about by now.


But I should mention nonetheless that the town of Mexico Beach seems to be where Michael made landfall. Why is this significant?

Well, one of the reasons is that the local Catholic parish there is Our Lady of Guadalupe, whom....

...many scholars believe is a re-incarnation or revision of Coatlicue, whose name in English actually is...

...Serpent Skirt.

Is this thing on? Can anyone hear me out there?

So Michael and the Serpent? Where have I heard that before?

Oh, that's it.

Say, you don't think there's any connection to this, do you?

OK, two for two. What about "Tishbite," another song we've talked about in the past?

Right, that's another Biblical reference. It was apparently the name Elijah was called during his time.

Elijah, who battled the priests of the Storm God.

Ba'al, who was known as the "Lord of the Sky."

Whose triumphal arch was recently installed in Washington, DC. Who considers themselves "Lord of the Skies" now?

No, sadly. Not high-ranking Fraserfarians M83.

Of course, that's it. The USAF.

Maybe they should rethink that motto. Maybe Ba'al doesn't appreciate the competition.

Or maybe it was the Tishbite, replaying history all over again.

OK, so those scattered few of you who didn't just skip over the Minority Report stuff in yesterday's post, I should add it came to mind because I was looking at my Cyclone Gita post. Plus thinking about The Man in the High Castle and a bunch of other things.

My brains are defective.

Well, not only is there a new Cocteau Twins boxset out today, none other than Samantha "Agathe" Morton is making her debut on Sunday as a major new character on The Walking Dead.

One of the stories on Morton's debut even pictures her playing Elizabeth, Agatha.

Last week, The Guardian interviewed Morton and talked about her traumatic upbringing and her run-in with Hurricane Harvey. Which ties her into the highly Frase-jacent #metoo movement.

Oh, there's so much more but my time has run out for today. 

Two quick notes:

Santigold, whose debut album is one of my very favorite records of the past ten years or so, unsurprisingly names the Twins in her Top 12.

Cryptogon links to a CIA document describing pretty much what this entire blog is actually about. And the paper is from 1983, one of the primary "Window Eras" I still need to talk about. Hopefully, I can revisit Stranger Things (the good series) as well.

Speaking of 1983, my favorite Tangerine Dream album was recycled for the Risky Business soundtrack. Speaking of Stranger Things, Exit provided me with my first exposure to the concept of "remote viewing," which I don't believe had been declassified at that point.

It also features this track.

POSTSCRIPT: Because "Purple Haze" is too obvious.

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