Non Sic Iste Non Cessat Loqui

Well, I finally got around to watching this marvelous documentary. Y'know, I'm going through a bit of a Cin�ma v�rit� phase, as it were. I wanted to post on it today but time constraints forbid. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. Maybe we can have a roundtable on it.

So yeah, I'm super, super pressed for time so let me just drop some fresh apocalypse on your heads and allow you good and eminently-qualified people to sort it all out.

Terrible CGI

Faker than the fakest fraud. Stupid. Intelligence-insulting.

The war against cars roars on. And who's behind all this? Why..rrhtyhhu-e842-598-q3984657)(%#$)()*%&$#_*%&_#%#%&#_*%&##@#RKEJHRE:JFV....................................

Sorry, I just died from shock and surprise and had to be resuscitated by paramedics. It took them a while to get here.

And I have a brilliant plan to become a trillionaire and plural-marry a harem of supermodels.

Prediction: my plan will reach fruition before NASA's ever does.

First we have the pearly dewdrops rising from Antarctica and now weird sounds? Interesting. Where is this all going down?

The Ross Ice Shelf? Where's that?

Oh, of course. Off the coast of Victorialand. Where else?

Speaking of pearlies. When was this picture taken?

Wow, you mean the day after Chris Cornell died? What else happened that day?

Oh. Right.

Wow, there's an interesting logo. I wonder what might have happened there on September 3rd? Anyone hear anything interesting pertaining to that date?

Those wacky researchers and their nutty AI recipes for pizza! What a panic! And those AI Nephilim? Hilarious! And those Anunaki wolverchimp exterminator CRISPR-chimeras? And aerosolized Ebola?

Stop, stop! I'm going to bust a gut here!

Oh, did it now? Funny, I seem to remember a book--actually a series of books-- based on a remarkably similar proposition. Anyone remember those books? Written by Zack somebody or other? 

Help me out here, people.

Define "we."

Well, according to the literature, this is generally how folks acquire psychic powers. Look it up if you don't believe me.

Speaking of strings of pearls...

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