Apocalypse Tonight: Compute-Compute-Computer Games

OK, you've probably seen this video by now. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this looks fake as f**k to me. It just looks like mediocre CGI. I'm not seeing any compelling evidence that this thing exists as a complex machine in three-dimensional space with this alleged robot, and certainly not as it comes onscreen.

It's not even that it looks like someone in a suit, it just looks like the most talented kid in your local high school computer animation lab showing off to that girl he's sweet on.

Well, very possibly so. But I definitely need more evidence that these robots are real before I get too concerned. It wasn't that long ago that autonomous robots were a sick joke and now they're doing Jackie Chan routines? 

Excuse while I change the batteries on my bullshit detector. It's been buzzing and flashing like crazy for hours now.

Oh, I bet it will. I do so very much bet it will. In fact, I hear they're calling this new neural network Locutus�.

(Pretend you don't get that joke if you live in the greater Toronto area).

This hurricane continues to get weirder and more disturbing, particularly with this story now. Apparently the AFB in the ground zero-landfall area has been utterly pulverized and several very expensive stealth jets were original listed as "missing." 


...I don't know what this is all about but something smells a bit off about the entire situation. Wild-eyed theories and conjectures are welcome in the comments.

A reader pointed me back to this story, noting that the Cornell statue- so reminiscent of the Elvis statues we looked at during the Siren Saga-- has been illuminated in violaine.

I found a more unsettling connection between Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, concerning Chris Cornell and the 1996 Lollapalooza tour but that will have to wait for another day. 

I've also been reading some stories that don't exactly paint CC in the best of lights, purple or otherwise. That will have to wait too.

There was also this story from a few days back-- a spiral violaine beam. There's some Secret Sun Scrabble for you.

Readers have been telling me about this story too. This is just too strange- what the hell is Trump doing playing "Purple Rain" at his rallies, particularly in light of the hurricane thing, anyway? 

Something very weird is going on out there, my friends.

Haven't written much about mermaids lately on account of it being totally redundant, but readers have pointed this little scrap of Secret Sun Scrabble, which also seems to offer maximum entrainment value as well.

Look for more of this narrative in the near future. 

Well, there's some typecasting for you.

This blog has detected what looks very much like an ongoing effort to recast Ariana Grande as a novitiate in the Clandestine Bene Frasserit (commonly known as a "Crypto-Frase") and so it looks like her dalliance with Pete Davidson completed that initiation in the Stations of the Liz.

Poor fool probably doesn't realize the only thing Ariana Grande Bestia saw in him was his frase-adjacent surname.


As common as a strawberry, eh? Are strawberries really the most common fruit out there?

CRISPR shenanigans.

Some readers were speculating that we'd seen the last of Orange entrainment but apparently it's an ongoing project. Note fresh influencers brought to bear on the project.

You can also wear Orange on your face. And believe us, you will wear it. Unless you're really hankering for an Antifa death squad to haul your ass off to a FEMA camp after the midterms.

Looks like they know what's good for them up there in the Windy City. 

Good job, Bears. Your names are off the list. For now, at least.

Good to see Not Actually a Space Agency have retained that dry sense of humor of theirs.

Very witty, Wilde.

Missions where? How exactly are computer graphics artists going to find aliens? In their sketchbooks, I suppose.

NASA has a plan to save humanity?

We're doomed.

Which clue is that? Those fresh downloads of Anunnaki DNA that they just received at D::Wave headquarters?

Yeah, I suppose that's a pretty good clue.

I know some of you think I'm an alarmist sometimes, but let me just going on the record as not worrying overmuch about this particular eventuality. Plus, where did the 330 number come from? The boys down at the Lodge? Probably.

Well, that's terrific. I'd just hope they didn't name it in my honor if I were that guy.

Oh, teach me, Damien. Please. Your magickal secrets have clearly worked wonders for Johnny Depp.

Why, they've been an absolute satansend.

Right, they're all assholes. We knew that already.

Speaking of which, 
isn't this the whole premise of Caprica? I believe it is. Also, pretty much every sci-fi horror story ever. Am I right?

Finally, take a stroll to those glory days when Silicon Valley was just naive and misguided as opposed to satanic and fascist...

POSTSCRIPT: Holy shit, this still sounds great.

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