Sync or Swim: The Days of the Lords

New Yorkers praying to Coatlicue. In New York.

Today's the 101st anniversary of Jack Kirby's birth. Yes, yes; I realize I missed his centennial but there might have been a few other things going on at the time, no? And I'm not going to go into too much detail here anyway since it's the end of August and everyone's at the beach. Or the pool or at the grill. 

But it finally dawned on me that Kirby and fellow oracle Elizabeth Fraser's birthdays are back-to-back (I'm slow like that) and there's probably a deeper astrological meaning behind it. But since I can barely even remember the Zodiac, I'll leave that analysis to the experts. 

However, I'd be remiss if I didn't drop the whole Regulus in Virgo business here again, seeing as how Kirby's nickname was "King" and that Our Lady's namesake was known as "the Virgin Queen."

Our popular culture is becoming increasingly Kirbyfied, a pretty remarkable accomplishment for an artist who toiled in near-obscurity most of his career (or having been overshadowed by his Marvel partner Stan Lee). 

What's more, Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzberg) spent the last 15 years or so of his active career in comics largely reviled as a hack and a has-been. 

Ironically, the very same concepts that literally rake in billions today were seen by patricidal Boomer fanboys as the weird, corny products of a highly-disordered mind. Art Spiegelman (Maus, Raw, Wacky Packs) spoke for most of his cohort when he dismissed Kirby as an "idiot savant obsessed with orgasm" and compared him to Henry Darger.

Funny how you don't hear much about Spiegelman anymore, isn't it? 

Anyway, Kirby's landmark AAT treatise The Eternals is reportedly headed for the big screen as is the Fourth World universe he created for DC. The former was (inevitably) dismissed by Boomer fanboys as a clunky Von Daniken ripoff, overlooking the fact that Kirby was doing AAT a decade prior to Chariots of the Gods? hitting the stands. 

But The Eternals still resonates not only because of Ancient Aliens, not only because it influenced a whole host of creators (including Ridley Scott) but also because it showcased the profound influence that Mesoamerican art and culture had on Kirby's work, for better or worse.

I haven't yet found prophecies of the Sibyl in Kirby's oeuvre yet but I do have to admit I haven't been looking. I'm sure it's in there somewhere. 

SYNC LOG: As I was typing that, "Madrigals of the Rose Angel" popped up on the Drone Zone. That track is by longtime Cocteaux associate Harold Budd, who also synchs us right up to PKD and VALIS. But that too is a story for another day.

Now for the evening news...

Underwater, eh? Huh. How would you learn how to look for alien life under the sea? 

Well, I guess they do a lot of stuff underwater, don't they? 

Quite a lot, according to some.

Like kiss Mermaids, allegedly. 

Or Merpeople, or whatever.

And seeing as how New Zealand lies smack-dab on the Ring of Fire I hope my theory as to what's driving these creatures to shore is not on-point. I have no problem being proved wrong with this particular situation, believe me. 

Maybe it fell from space and isn't from the deep ocean at all. Can you prove that it wasn't? Huh? Huh?

OK, then. A space-squid it is.

In a related(ish) story, there's been another chevron sighting, identical to the one recently filmed in Texas and identical to the one my wife and I watched perform non-Euclidean maneuvers in the skies over our neighborhood for about 20 minutes last year. 

Did I ever tell you the story of how I hallucinated I was being attacked by a giant chevron when I was a kid? I did? 


Yeah, no kidding. 

Funny about The Little Prince translated into Klingon, seeing the whole Regulus business and all. Funny that Germany's Green Party is all about the alien stuff too, just like ours.

More of this horrible bullshit, which is really getting tiresome. Another known wolf with a known history of severe psychiatric programs somehow gets his hand on a semi-automatic pistol-- with a fucking laser scope-- and shoots up a video game competition in Jacksonville.

Have I ever mentioned that Fringe aired an episode entitled "Jacksonville" just prior to known wolf Amy Bishop's shooting at the University of Alabama Huntsville? I did? OK.

Weird sync though, eh?

And wonder of wonders, yet another mass shooting with a NASA connection. Weird. 

The shooter's father allegedly works at Goddard, which has listed a "Stephen Paddock" on its staff at one time. Different Stephen Paddock, apparently.

Man, Synchronicity is a wacky business, don'cha think?

Speaking of Synchronicity, make note of the Garlands evergreen, forget-me-not wreath there. I can't say if chaplets left David Katz drugged but I can almost say for sure he didn't die in a rosary. He died at a Madden NFL tournament. Or N-ph-L, if you prefer.

Here's a weird story linking pyramids and human sacrifice from a discovery in China. Weird. Hit the wires just a few days back. Weird combo, eh?

I wonder if the Nephilim built it. I'll be looking further into this item, I can tell you that.

Pearls and dead political figures again, this time from the keyboard of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who's not only a politician and a civil rights leader but also a Freemie. Huh.

Which brings us to Scottish tennis star Andy Murray making headlines for his first Grand Slam in over a year. Why that makes headlines exactly is beyond me, but I know about as much about tennis as I do astrology. 

But I do know syncs, Jimmy. Oh, I do know syncs.

Mr. Murray was raised in Dunblane, Stirlingshire ("The Fortress of Blane") and was at Dunblane Primary on that horrible day when a gunman named Thomas Hamilton shot a large number of children in just a little over three minutes with a few handguns. It was a terrible tragedy indeed and had major ramifications for the UK as a whole. 

However, the waters got a bit muddier when an inquiry began looking into reports of a pedophile ring that Hamilton may have been involved in, as well as numerous allegations of a coverup on the part of several high-ranking officials, who also happened to be involved in Freemery. 

Several reports had it that Hamilton himself was involved in the local lodge, a fact coppers may or may not have tried to cover up. It's all very murky.

Nasty business, really. But it also gets rather weird in a quite Secret Sunny kind of way....

...seeing as how the final Cocteau Twins Sibylline text album, Milk & Kisses, was released in the UK the same day (3/13/96) as the shootings in Dunblane, which like Grangemouth and Falkirk, is part of Stirlingshire County (or County Stirlingshire or however they say it over there).

But the syncs don't stop there, Cowboy. Oh no.

"Milk and kisses" were exactly what the great goddess Hathor greeted the newly-dead with in order to ease their transition to the Afterlife. Hathor is adjacent (though not directly connected) to the Siren lineage tracing back to Inanna, and as such was also a goddess of music, intoxication and sex. 

Which is interesting given that the usual line on the Cocteaux in the British press was that it was "music to bonk to."

We'll dive deeper into all this later but please note that "Violane" is etymologically identical to "Blane," since B's and V's are historically interchangeable (look up "betacism").

Also remember that "Serpentskirt" is an epithet of Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess of Death...

...who, coincidentally enough, is the focus of this year's Dia de Los Muertos festival, which is being held at...

...Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

Where Chris Cornell is interned and where Chester Bennington serenaded the assembled mourners with his rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," a song made famous by Chris Cornell's friend and Elizabeth Fraser's former lover, Jeff "Tammuz" Buckley.

Oh, before I forget: Fraser dedicated Milk & Kisses to Buckley, along with "love and a thousandfold rose." Georgia O'Keefe would have understood.

Oh, before I forget also; Hollywood Forever is the only cemetery I'm aware of with its own on-site Masonic Temple. 

It just goes round and round and round, doesn't it? One might almost say it never ends.

Here's another striking image being used to promote the Coatlicue celebration. 

Man, that looks familiar to me somehow. I can't quite put my finger on it, though. 

How about you?

Oh, well. It will come to me eventually. 

Now I haven't been able to find a link between Santa Muerte and Coatlicue, which strikes me as a bit odd. You'd think there'd be one, right? 

Either way, it seems like ol' Serpentskirt is yet another ancient deity who's been rubbing the sleep of centuries out of her eyes and slowly easing her way back onto her old throne. And waiting for breakfast to be served.

Terrific. There certainly aren't enough of those already, are there?

Pray for us, Our Lady (Queen Dowager of Sibyls).

UPDATE: Oh dear, I nearly forgot: there was a major oracular rival to Delphi in the Hellenistic world. A great Sibyl also spoke at Didyma (in modern-day Turkey) on behalf of Apollo, who was the Greek equivalent of Horus, consort of Hathor (Hathor actually means "the House of Horus").

Funny coincidence, though: Didyma means "Twin."

Twins and Sibyls again. Jeez, you'd almost think it was a pattern or something.

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