Apocalypse This Week: Charting the Collapse

I never got the whole Dario Argento thing. I mean, I get it; I realize why hipsters would be drawn to his work. It's "stylish" and "surreal" and "transgressive." If you like that sort of thing.

Me, I just find his film-making clunky and more than a bit mentally-sick. And not in a tormented visionary way, more in a Doc and Mharti or Boiled Angel kind of way. It's more like the aesthetic of John Wayne Gacy's clown paintings transliterated to film, for me at least. 

I guess that's the appeal, the "outsider" aura of it all. Whatever. Yawn.

Even so, the timing couldn't possibly be worse for this slick remake of Argento's best-known film, Suspiria.

Of course he was 17 

Argento's daughter Asia has been in the spotlight since the #metoo movement kicked up and more recently in the wake of the Anthony Bourdain suicide and questions of her behavior and/or fidelity and how that may have influenced the late superstar chef. 

Since then some folks have been taking a closer look at Asia's social media and finding all kinds of icky shit to sort through. Let's just say it's looking like Asia might be a bit more Madame Blanc than Suzy Bannion, if you get my meaning.

Well, all that seemed to prime the pump for the latest eruption when a young actor Asia seemed to have a very sick and weird fixation on a young man who recently revealed that Asia forced herself sexually on him when he was a wee lad of 17. 

I know what you're thinking: "yeah, whatever. Poor kid."

But further digging turned up a bizarre and unsettling history in which Asia revealed a weird, quasi-incestuous fixation on the actor from a very early age, dating back from when the two appeared in an adaption of notorious literary hoaxer JT Leroy's magnum opus The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, a grimly ironic title if ever there was one.

Well, not only has this delivered a blow to the #metoo business it's given yet another look behind the curtain at the entertainment industry's "edgy" personalities and leading a lot of folks to wonder if maybe things are maybe getting a bit too edgy for their liking.

Case in point, this viral(-ish) video revealing how NBC chose to segue from a report on the death of its onetime champion John McCain...

Yeah, that stupid shit was shown on a major network, not some weird YouTube channel that no one watches except people listed on sex-offender registries.

Take a good look, America, because this is where the culture is today.

This may be the most 2018 video ever. Which should fill your hearts with the kind of dread and despair usually only seen in Lovecraft anthologies.

 Come, Armageddon, come. 

And this may be the most 2018 image ever. Though not for the reasons most people might think. Come feel the Deep, indeed.

I realize a local supermarket bulletin board (I mean, the actual wood-and-cork kind) has more actual readers than Time does these days but this is still a fascinating look at conscious and unconscious meta-themes converging.

Since I still don't believe for a millisecond that The Donald Trump Variety Hour is anything but a misdirection while massive tectonic plates shift silently beneath our feet, I'll refrain from commenting on the latest skit.

Too many people seem to forget we've been stuck on this sandbar more times than I can count in the past two years or so and the showboat keeps rolling down the river just the same.

You'd think that someone would realize by now that casting prophecies is a sucker's game with this particular act.  

On an entirely different topic (or is it?) I can say with absolutely certainty that this video provides more entertainment value than the entirety of Stranger Things 2.

The Duffers have announced they're going to take their time with ST3. I'll take that as conformation that even they realize by now that ST2 was boring and terrible. 

Or in other words the Duffers realize it was duff. Encouraging. Here's hoping they get a little bit of the old righteous anger back as well. 

Leonard Bernstein would have turned 100 this past week. That milestone offers up a good opportunity to soak in this wonderful tutorial on Holst's The Planets.

Before you get too comfortable, however, realize then that in less than 50 years we've gone from Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts to Lil Pump and Lil Xan and Post Malone.

Do you need any further proof that it's the end of the world as we know it?

I thought not.

Who then more fitting then than David Lynch's First Fraserling Julee Cruise to serenade us all into that long good night?

Speaking of whom, the initial demos Cruise recorded with Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti are available on BandCamp. Pretty obvious to my ears that Lynch was spending a lot of time listening to Victorialand when this was recorded. And from the "Otterly"-like intro of "Floating," probably a lot of Treasure as well.

Finally, from that raging foundry of alt.right hysteria-- um, Boing Boing-- comes this take on Facebook's new user rating system. Well, we all knew it was just a matter of time before the Chinese social credit rating reached these shores, it was simply a question of what exact form it would take.

There's your answer. 

Read the entire article here (as well as BB's previous articles on FB) and then...

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