Adventures Beyond the (MK)Ultraworld (UPDATED)

Yes, they said "adrenochrome"

OK, I'm back. Miss me? Really? Aww.

Anyway, as per usual in the new normal there's more insanity out there to sort through than I have time or space to do it, and as per usual my valued spies and esteemed moles have been scanning the Borgsong for dank syncs and slipping them under my door (and per usual there are sadly more of those than I can process but I greatly appreciate them all the same). 

You'd think the mad parade would slow down for the summer but Entrainment never sleeps.

This story caught a lot of readers' attentions, since it added a whole new wrinkle to a story that was already quite wrinkly, thank you very much. 

There are all kinds of sedatives the authorities could have given the Wild Boars trapped in the cave but it appears they opted for ketamine, the late John Lilly's drug of choice. Which seems to be making quite the comeback lately. 

Somewhere, Uncle Sid smiles down on us all.

As most of you already know, ketamine isn't just a sedative, it's a highly-potent hallucinogen. So the last item on the Mithraic death-and-rebirth ritual has been checked off. Allegedly.

So just to be clear, what we have here is that we have an all-male boys' footie squad--named after an animal well-noted in Mystery traditions-- descending into a cave for an initiation ritual in which they carved their names on the cave walls (Royston, anyone?) and were trapped by rising floodwaters. 

They were rescued by an international all-star squad of military roughnecks who used a powerful hallucinogen to knock them out so they wouldn't panic during the dangerous swim out.

All male? Check. Cave? Check. Ritual? Check. Initiation by ordeal? Check. Elite military men initiating young boys with a powerful hallucinogen as they leave the womb of Mother Earth and are reborn following a traumatic experience in which their skills at meditation kept them chill throughout it all?

Jesus, is that even in the Mithraic handbook? Sounds vaguely Spartan. 

Well, either way, check.

And tragically, we lost this heroic SEAL who ran out of oxygen while attempting to leave the cave. 

But again, SEAL. 


Dead SEAL. Bull.

Bull. Dead. 


And Elon Musk played his part in the psychodrama here, by offering up one of his newfangled gizmos, a coffin-shaped mini-submarine. 

So not only is Mr. Musk dating a high-ranking Bene Frasserit, he's supplying coffins for this little rebirthing ritual. Allegedly.

And just in case you're wondering about all this Mithras business, do remember that MKULTRA instigator Allen Dulles hung out in cozy Switzerland during the Big One and spent a lot of time chatting about politics, the war and mistress-problems with Jung, who was downright Mithras-crazy. 

Uncle Carl even fancied himself as an avatar of the Lieocephalus. Is how Mithras-crazy he was. 

Of course, anytime I hear about caves and hallucinogens, my brain goes straight to Paddy Chayefsky and Ken Russell's Altered States, which was ayahuasca way, way, way before ayahuasca was de rigeur for globetrotting trustafarians.

And of course, it's all inseparable from parapolitics. All kinds of tony CIAndoverians introduced the sacred vine to an unsuspecting Eisenhower-era America, Chayefsky's book is based on the brain-blasting regimen of former MKULTRA toiler John Lilly, and Chayefsky wrote the original novel after having stared into the abyss of the Very, Very Old World Order system with his revelatory Network. Perhaps he was looking for a way out.

But that's back when Hollywood was interested in conspiracy narratives. Otherwise known as the halcyon days before the film industry was taken over completely by the MIC.

Incidentally, Paddy Chayefsky left this vale of tears at the tender age of 58, from one of those pesky aggressive cancers that our truth-tellers seem so susceptible to. Must be their diets.

And right on cue, this pops up in the deserts of Kemet; a rather ominous-looking black sarcophagus, apparently dating to the Ptolemaic period. Funny sync- I've been scouring the search engines for any indication that Alexander or one of his cohort might have made it to Thailand (AKA Siam) but no luck so far.

Of course, it's a safe bet the Phoenicians made it to those sultry shores. They seemed to get themselves everywhere else, amirite?


I'll leave some of the other, um, possible subtexts of this whole event to your imaginations, but I just wanted to touch on the Spy vs Spy business, especially in light of these rather unenforceable (and therefore untestable) twelve indictments Mueller served on Friday the 13th (of all days). Wacky, eh? Totally random.

And wouldn't you know it-- what, with all this talk of the Third Temple and such-- that the 13th was the 2605th anniversary of the destruction of Solomon's Temple by Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. 

That of course takes us all straight to the Book of Daniel and forward to Revelation and the whole bit. I know a lot of you might be a bit averse to the Bible but even just on a synchromystic level Daniel is a rollicking read.

And of course Nebuchadnezzar was deposed by Cyrus the Great, whom some Israeli Third Temple radicals recently identified with Donald Trump, going so far to twin the two on a commemorative coin. 

PS: Cyrus (government name Koresh) was known as the "King of Kings."

And as sheer dumb luck would have it, Trump was chilling with Liz 2.0 in BabylonDon when Rod Rosecrucianstein read the indictments. The people were assembled to take part in the ceremonies under the rather-thin guise of a protest march. The big draw was a massive Trump balloon, for which some hyperprivileged Socialist sect or other allegedly paid $40,000 dollars. 

Sadly, someone seems to have fleeced the poor Trot toffs, since the balloon was rather small and unimpressive. I believe it actually deflated during the march. I'd look it up but I really don't give a shit and neither do you.

And leading up to all of this was the arrest of Stormy Daniels at a club called "Siren" in Columbia, OH. The whole thing is typically idiotic, seeing as how the actual offense seemed not only silly but clearly a move a professional whore like them wouldn't have pulled under normal circumstances.

(Daniels. Why does that sound so familiar?)

Was this arranged to throw shade at Trump or did the long arm of the Donald reach out to the all-Democrat Columbus government and have poor Stormy Maniels go down on a hard bit for felonious ass-rubbing? 

Of course, the correct answer is who gives a fuck?

Or maybe the answer is it's just more monkeyshines from our ritualism pals, given the Siren thing and the All-Important 44. 

But there's also that human trafficking thing there. Maybe it's something else entirely. I can't keep track of all the skullduggery anymore.

Then there's this ugly business in a building Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin pretended to be a married couple in before that whole, y'know, child-molesting unpleasantness. 

The cops are saying the vic fell down the chute into the trash compactor, which seems pretty much impossible to anyone who looks at the crime-scene photos. 

So to my untrained eye, this story is either evidence of a coverup or a fakeout while they look more closely at this woman's messy divorce from a Big Pharma bigwig. Lawyer up, Jack!

But as Fate would dictate, searches for the deets on this caper kept bringing this story of a woman who "fell down" a laundry chute in--wait for it-- Heaven or Las Vegas. It has to be true because no one could ever imagine the LVMPD running a coverup. 

I mean, not in a million years.


Well, no sooner did we wrap up a hearty convo on Supernova 1987A and the whole question of cosmic rays and their effect on human evolution, that some sciencey types revealed that neutrino from a black hole a gazilliondy-trillion miles away pearly dewdropped onto the icy plains of Antarctica.

Apparently this may unlock some mystery or other about cosmic rays but my eyes just glaze over when they get into all that particle physics mumbo-jumbo. I'm just in it for the syncs, OK Nerdly MacNerdinson? Just give me the broad strokes and let me punch them into my sums. Jesus.

Yes, like that. Orion, String of Pearls, Nephilim, Osiris and so on and such and such. Perfect. Thank you.

Sorry about the Nerdly MacNerdison thing. It was said in the heat of the moment.

And they said this particle dropped somewhere in the vicinity of the Amundsen-Scott Station. 

Hey, you know what's in the vicinity of the Amundsen-Scott Station?

Victoria Land. Or for our purposes, Victorialand. 

I wonder if the particle brought a blush to the snow?

In other spacely news, looks like they found some twin asteroids. Look more like Dunkin' Munchkins to me. Actually, more like those crappy convenience store Munchkin knockoffs. You know the ones that suck all the moisture from your mouth the minute you bite into them?

Yeah, those.

Well, you know all about the Voice of God, so now meet the Hand of God. Kooky clouds again.


Secret Sun stalwart Matt pointed this out to me, some kind of sculpture in Duluth. Is that a mermaid? I honestly haven't a clue. But highly interesting nonetheless.

And our friends Down Under continue to supply us with Secret Sun fodder. This story concerns a poor chap buried up to his neck. Where exactly?

Directly across the channel from Fraser Island. 

Come on, did you expect anything less? 

In a related story, Our Darling Nicki's "Bed" dropped, again featuring her BFF Ariana Grande Bestia. So I had to force myself to watch a half-nekkid Mer-Nicki roll around the surf while lithe young Ariana bopped to and fro. 

The sacrifices I make for my readers.

But imagine my surprise when the Mer-Minaj started rapping about strawberry-this and strawberry-that out of absolutely nowhere. No, seriously. 

Or when Ariana Grande Bestia strolled onscreen with a platter of les fraisiers, which she dutifully fed to a reclining douchebag.

Sirens, les fraisiers? Who'd ever come up with that combo, eh? Random.

Because I'm such a trouper I even sat through Ariana's new video, "God is a Woman." It looks like it cost more than the GDP of Belgium to make but sadly left me a bit unsatisfied. Well, symbol-wise, I mean. 

I'll have to force myself to rewatch it.

I think this is self-explanatory to most of you out there. Darling Nicki is big on the "if you got it, flaunt it" thing.

But the cover did vaguely remind me of something from the dim past, even so.

In Beyophomet news, BeyoBalon and her inexplicably-successful hubby are headlining the Global Citizen festival. I hear punters get a free microchipping at the door. Plus a complimentary cup of filth and abominations. Good seats still available!

What the hell is Beddie Wetter doing there, though? Oh that's right; the "contract" is expiring in a few years and he's trying to get in good with the man downstairs. Say no more.

And look, CosmoDemonic Microsoft AI is helping mass produce Ba'al Arches for universal entrainment purposes. Bonus factoid: arch is in this context is synonymous with gate.

Get it? Bill Gates, Ba'al Gates? Who is like the Beast, eh? I mean, seriously; who can make war with him?

Well, as we saw Adelheid Klum kicked off the Year of the Pearl with this little photo-op. What can you for an encore after that?

How about you plaster a bunch of Plain Tigers and Great Spangled Fritillaries all over your nakedness? Paging Dr. O'Brien!

After all, Heids was ahead of the curve with les fraisiers. She's an early adopter, bless her heart.

You said it, Mr. MKULTRA guinea-pig man!

And just in case you might still believe MKULTRA ended in the 70s or some bullshit. It will never end. It's barely even gotten started. 

UPDATE: A Twitter pal pointed me to this story. And what was waiting for me when I got there?

I'll give you a hint: it must be why I'm thinking of the Vegas.

"Roger Stone," literally "Famous Stonecutter."

Oh, man. A commenter pointed out that the big story this morning is Paragraph 44, which quite-knowledgable Secret Sun readers recognize as "the All-Important 44."

So let's get this straight: 12 reborn in Thailand on Tuesday, 12 condemned on Friday.

Solomon's Temple razed on July 13th, 649 BC. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon indicted on Friday the 13th. Twelve Knights Templar escape execution. Twelve Russian Knights indicted--who, unless Putin wants to cause some trouble, will escape arrest-- on Friday, July 13th.

Plus, as a FB member reminded us today, 7/13 is John Dee's birthday.

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