Sixty-Seconds of Sync (Give or Take): Lightning Strikes

Oh, that doesn't seem even vaguely apocalyptic to me. 

Why do you ask?

"Snakes and scorpions," you say?

Trampling "Snakes" and "Scorpions?" "Falling like lightning?" 

Here is Wisdom.

 Ponder on it, brothers and sisters.

Speaking of lightning, though...

Just sayin' is all. Or just synchin'. 

Plus, this.

Danica Patrick crashes out in her last-ever race at the Freemasonapolis 500? Pity.

"Morning Star," you say?

That's what I thought you said. Cheers.

Yeah? Well, you go tell Donny-Boy to get in line with the rest of us.

There's a sync in there somewhere but I'm too lazy to cook up a zippy one-liner for it. You're welcome to try, though.

Apparently this is real. I want one.

One of these too.

So pretty much everyone who's seen this thinks the bird looks like it's being garroted. That bone-dry Windsor sense of humor again? Or a business plan? 

Was a bit tickled as to the release of the official trailer for this biopic in the run-up to the Royal Scam, however. What with the synchitude and all.

Oh, sorry, you probably can't see it...

It's the Queen Coat of Arms, which is based on their astrological signs. But I can't get this lyric out of my head: "Oh Mother Mercury/Look what they've done to me/I cannot run, I cannot hide."

Not sure why.


Never expected the Royal Scam to be such a syncfest, but that's because I keep forgetting it's the Apocalypse. Normality bias, you understand.

But do note the Windsor offspring crown not has the Templar/Shamash cross but also-- wait for it-- strawberry leaves.

Variations on the Cross du Shamash.

We talked about Duchess Meghan and her Goat dress, right? That's the Flavia model, named in honor of the --wait for it-- Flavian Dynasty. 

Goat also has a Pandora dress, if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket.

Looking at their new summer line, it seems Goat has a Freya (read: the Nordic Inanna) dress, a fox and a flame...wait a minute.

Just wait a minute. 


The Summer line has a Frou-Frou dress, too. 

Damn--now that's ringing a bell.

Oh well, it will come to me. Maybe in a Year and a Day. If you get my meaning.

In the meantime, Orange.

Readers have been wondering what's up with the Dolphin imagery at the Royal Scam. Well, here's your definitive answer: Ruby stars are Ruddy, it's a Meghan Dewdrops' Drop. 

Don't worry; it will soon be crystal-clear to you.

It will be exactly why you're thinking of Las Vegas. Because it's much brighter than the Sun to you. 

Here is Wisdom: a hundred million times brighter than the Sun to you. And me.

Speaking of the Royal Scam and Strawberries, there you go.

I wonder if there were any Royal Scam festivities at the new US Embassy in BabyLonDon. 

If so, I wonder what was on the menu. 

Actually, I probably don't want to know. Neither do you.

"We lost all those kids." It's the new "the dog ate my homework" for Archonic footmen.

Well, maybe not-so-new.

But damn if that new Embassy doesn't look familiar.

Just in case you still think you're not trapped in an endless Book of Revelation LARP,  this happened.

Not sure if the False Prophet got drunk on the Blood of the Saints and the Filth of Katy Perianal's Adulteries. 

Wait, I just got a DM. Don't go anywhere...

OK; apparently, they just served coffee and tiramisu at the reception. 

Hmmm. But was it abominable coffee and filthy tiramisu?  

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