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Well, for the past several months I've been droning on about Mermaids and the Apocalypse and CRISPR and transgenics and chimeras, and everyone's gotten a good chuckle out of it. "Oh, that Secret Sun nutcase, howling at the Moon like a right old lunatic. Always good for a few lulz." 

Well, I don't want to spoil anyone's fun but right on schedule we have a new film on Netflix called The Titan, which is about guess-what?

Mermaids and CRISPR and transgenics and chimeras. 

Plus, the Apocalypse.

Oh, I hear what you're all saying; Curses, you've foiled us yet again, Knowles. 

But so what, right? How is this any different from any number of sci-fi potboilers ploughing the same furrow? 

Well, the difference here is the timing. How it falls smack dab in the middle of this semiotically-supercharged process we've been looking at and trying to untangle.

What's more, it stars Aussie heart-throb Sam Worthington, who I believe just might be kept in stasis until he's needed to pitch the latest transhumanist mumbo-jumbo to the masses. 

You remember ol' Sam, right? From AvatarSure you do.

Plus, did I mention The Titan is on Netflix

You know, that streaming behemoth which has become the establishment's premium choice for social engineering entrainment and limited hangouts?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we just talking about how the real purpose of the never-ending Mermaid Apocalypse is to entrain the masses to accept transgenic transformation?

And of course, we see this Beast-rising-from-the-Abyss imagery here in The Titan, imagery which seems to be becoming something of a new icon. 

I mean "icon" in the traditional sense. 

We also see it in the xenogenic/xenophiliac entrainment film, The Shape of Water...

...and in the series finale of The X-Files. Oddly enough, all three are 20th Century Fox productions. Go figure.

This is absolutely true: no one does attempt the impossible without belief in something greater than themselves. 

So how about the Vegas then? Or, if you prefer, the Pearly Dewdrops? They're greater than ourselves by any objective yardstick, right?

How about the Nephilim then? Or maybe the Watchers, or if you prefer, the Titans? 
Uriel, one of God�s angels is said to be in charge of Tartarus, it is a unique notion that have any parallel in either the Theogony or any other Greek Myth.
 Surpassingly, the Sibylline Oracles (II-VI CE, based on original from VI century BC) is the only text which speaks of Uriel in that context: 
And then shall Uriel, mighty angel, break the bolts of stern and lasting adamant which, monstrous, bold the brazen gates of Hades, straight cast them down, and unto judgment lead all forms that have endured much suffering, chiefly the shapes of Titans born of old, and giants, and all whom the deluge whelmed, and all that perished in the billowy seas, and all that furnished banquet for the beasts and creeping things and fowls, these in a mass shall (Uriel) summon to the judgment-seat. (Sib. Or. 280-290
Huh. "Sibyline Oracle." How about that, huh?


And speaking of falling and Angels, the "Heavenly Palace" space station pearly dew-dropped into the Abyss on Easter, a day when Christians celebrate the risen Christ. As you know, Easter happened to fall this year on April Fool's day, formerly known as the Hilaria, a day when Romans celebrated the risen Attis, give or take.

So as hilarious as this joke might seem to the ignorant and uneducated, it's basically saying, "Jesus rose from the dead. So did Attis." 

Or you could get all CS Lewis about it and argue that this conjunction-- coming on the heels of a Blue Moon and in the middle of, y'know, the Apocalypse-- proves that Christ was the fulfillment of pagan figures like Attis. 


You might also wish to note that April 1st is sacred to Venus, lover of Adonis, which is essentially the same story as Cybele and Attis which is the same story as Ishtar and Tammuz, which is essentially the same story as Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley, more or less.


That artist's impression of the falling Heavenly Palace looks very much to me like an inverted Phoenix, which we've been seeing pop up as of late, particularly in connection to the prophecies of Our Blessed Lady, the Caledonian Sibyl, Queen Dowager of Oracles. 

And we'll be seeing it again, so just slap a mental post-it on that for the time being, hear?

But do also note that this very neatly ties the Heaven or the Vegas theme to that of the Pearly Dewdrop Dropping, given that the Heavenly Palace of the Apocalypse is surrounded by the Pearly Gates of Revelation 21:21.

Apparently it landed near Tahiti, smack dab in the Ring of Fire, of all places. I'd say we're looking at some fourth-dimensional Secret Sun Scrabble here, folks.

I should mention again that LiveScience posted this juicy little morsel of clickbaity goodness, written by arch-skeptic Benjamin Radford. Not exactly sure why. Maybe on account of it was time to start feeding that meme into the mix again.

But let's just remember that the particular Angels we may be in spring entraining for aren't the kinds most folk think of when they hear the word angels, but our friends from Viva Los Vega, the Pearlies who kept not their first estate:
Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
Of course, everlasting chains under darkness actually means at the bottom of sea, or alternately, in the Abyss.

And lo and behold, The Abyss was also the title and theme of a film written and directed by James Cameron, creator of Avatar. Cameron was also the force behind the throne for the remake of Solaris, which is rife with dew-droppy imagery and introduced this writer to the concept of the Higgs Boson.

Solaris stars Operations Officer George Clooney, Californication star Natascha McElhone and Viola Davis, who recently starred as Project Cadmus head Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad.

I know this is all a lot to keep track of. Any Excel experts out there? Maybe we could put it all into a spreadsheet.

Speaking of Operational Officers, let's look at another fat, juicy sirloin of programmed prediction...

So this here's a movie about a plague that kills most of America's children (because in this universe, the Microbes are Ready). The ones who survive are all mutated ubermenschen who then stage a revolution to punish the mean, stinky old adults. 

In other words, just the entrainment racket's latest attempt to cash in on The Hunger Games. Plus, The 4400, Heroes, The X-Men movies, etc etc etc. 

I did note that the cover of the book this master class in agitprop is based on is all kinds of Orange and also features a trident sigil. That brings to mind Beelzebub and Co., but hewing closer to our little exegesis, it dials up our old pal Neptune...

...who in turn brings us back to the premise of The Titan in an empty-signifier kind of fashion. And in a way to Aquaman, who looks very much like this fellow here in his comic book incarnation. 

And by an utterly random stroke of happenstance, the movie poster is not only all Banksy (giving us the requisite Massive Attack) and junk, it's also positively aglow with Orangey goodness.

So seeing how we're back on familiar ground, let's see if this particular entrainment fits into the prophecies set forth by the Sibyl...

... and lo and behold, here we are. 

The heroine of this surefire masterpiece of modern cinema is named Ruby, as in Ruby Stars are Ruddy, or if you prefer, Ruby Suns and Ruddy Cups, or better yet, Ruby Star Dorade. 

If you don't know by now, those are all key lyrics in the dire prophecy known to the world as "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop". Ignore the guessed-up junk on the lyrics sites.

Ruby Stars here is played by Amandla Stenberg, a model turned actress (she was also in the The Hunger Games films). Oddly enough, her headshots almost look as if she shares a stylist with a "real-life" revolutionary you may have heard a thing or two about lately...

...quite the sync, eh? 

As revolutionary Ruby, Stenberg sports a different look (as well as Orange) in The Darkest Minds, however...

...but in one of those baffling coincidences only found in real life and stultifyingly moronic fiction, Ruby's hairstyle and splash of Orange are remarkably similar to that of another rebel in the news these days.

Even stranger, the theme song for The Darkest Minds promises that "this is a revolution, we're rising up, we're rising up." Check this crazy sync out- that's the very same language the Marjory Stoneman Douglas kids were using on the Mall in Washington. 

And then there's this:

Wild, huh? Bizarro. Look at this:


I gotta tell ya, Synchronicity can get so damn ooky sometimes, no? 

Brrr. Chills.

You think that's spooky, man, check this out: there was a Twitter campaign to get Emma G to respond to a fan letter written by a girl named Lyra...

... nine (9) days after the alleged Austin bomber went and blew himself up. As Synchronicity would demand it, the map of the bombings exactly mirrors-- wait for it-- Lyra, whose brightest star is Vega. 

Bonus factoid: 9=1001 in binary.

And just to add the cherry on top, Marjory is a derivative of Margaret (meaning "Pearl"), most commonly referring to St. Margaret of Scotland. 

Stoneman is synonymous with Masons, well-known for their Scottish Rites. The oldest-known Masonic Lodge is in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

And Douglas is a Scottish word meaning "dark river" (like the one St. Jeffrey the Martyr drowned in) as well as a town.

As the Fates would will it, St. Margaret's Memorial is short drive from the birth shrine of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.... is Edinburgh Lodge No.1.... is the original town of Douglas.

What was some nutcase saying about creepos trying to rub Our Lady's supernatural gifts all over their own spells? 

I dunno. Some idiot somewhere. Forget I mentioned it. 

How odd then that it may be the "Pearls" who "rose" (or are "rising") who seem to be the major story of our times, thanks to the extremely deep pockets behind them, eh?

Will this be the "lucky, lucky, Penny, Penny" that binds the Pearly to our souls?

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