Apocalypse This Week: What Worries Me Most

There is so much going on out there, so much mischief and madness being thrown at us, so many toys coming out of those DUMB labs and archonic think-tanks that I can hardly keep up with it all. Then there's nightmare in Austin that seems to have risen like Cthulhu from the deep, dragging a gaggle of potent symbols in its wake like tin cans behind a newlyweds' Studebaker.

I wasn't planning on doing anything on this story because judging from the media and establishment reaction-- which has been oddly muted and disorganized-- it seemed like an all-too predictable by-product of the apocalyptic mess we're now living through.

I guess I was wrong.

I am very, very busy with real life so I'll try to lay out as much as I can in the time I can spare on blogging today. Because some very unsettling news is emerging on a topic I've been following quite intently in my free time these past few months.

But first, let's take a look at the news coming out of Austin.


We've seen a smattering of the usual "if he were Muslim, we'd be calling this terrorism" dribble from the 88 IQ shitbirds that squirt-out hatebait for the dying Mockingbird newsmedia, but there doesn't seem to be much fire behind it.  

I could be wrong, but I get the distinct feeling this caught Washington's witches and warlocks off-guard and could well have struck an icy chord of fear somewhere deep in their reptilian brains. 

Because if this kid could come out of nowhere and bring an entire major metropolitan area under siege and require a virtual army to track him down, just imagine what a couple dozen more like him could do.

As it happens there were some recent busts of would-be bombers that didn't make the national news. Either because it "didn't bleed," so to speak but maybe because agencies like the FBI would rather the media not give anyone any bright ideas, so to speak.

Crazy people with powerful firearms are scary; crazy people with homemade IEDs is downright paralyzing. There's also the possibility that this whole drama was orchestrated by a party or parties heretofore unknown, something that's probably keeping a lot of powerful people up late at night.

Then this pattern here, which is actually freaking me out a bit. 

The pattern of the bombing events creates a startlingly-precise mirror image of the constellation Lyra, which we've spent so much time wracking our brains over. 

And as you might expect, the site of the first bombing corresponds to --where else?--Vega.

Does this all speak to some ritual shenanigans on the part of some Deep State cabal of Nephilim cultists? Well, it's certainly possible, but right now my gut is telling me that this event could well have been orchestrated by parties yet unknown (or unknowable, maybe). 

It's very possible higher ups in our LEOs and intelligence agencies are looking at this pattern and wondering what the fuck exactly is behind this themselves.

As far as the Name-Game goes you have "Mark Anthony"--the name of Julius Caesar's right-hand man who assumed power after Caesar's assassination (on the Ides of March, incidentally) and then moved in on Caesar's strange, Cleopatra. 

Then you have Conditt- reminiscent of conduit-- but more directly connectable to Congressman Gary Condit, resident of Ceres (Latin for Demeter and Isis, et al), California.

Oldsters like myself will remember the murder of Condit's intern and lover Chandra Levy twenty years ago, on Beltane, specifically. Chandra is associated with the Moon, of course. I did do a quite a bit of synchro work on this case back in the day and this case was downright lousy with Druidic overtones.

So there's that.

And as we should probably expect by now, the exact location where this kid allegedly blew himself up sits cheek-by-jowl with La Margarita, giving us the requisite 2018 Pearl symbolism. 

More troubling to me- and again, in light of this Lyra connection-- is the fact that this drama with this kid all took place on the Spring Equinox, which gives the whole drama a faintly Druidic (and more specifically, Crowlean) tinge.

That and the connection to the Chandra Levy ("Joining the Moon Goddess") murder on Beltane and her own connection to a Condit ("Conduit") who actually springs from a city literally named after the Goddess of the Grain is just a bit too pointed for my liking.

Again,  I didn't really think much on this story--and I still don't know what to make of it (even though I have my theories)-- but a reader asked me what prophecy of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sybils, might have foreseen this drama. 

I hadn't really considered any that in fact would. Or should. But then the answer popped into my fevered brainpan...

...and that's "Glass Candle Grenades," the frenetic little stomper that closes out the first side of Head Over Heels, originally released Halloween 1983. 

So, in other words, this now gives us the Equinox, Beltane and Samhain to factor in this drama here. 

And the very title "Glass Candle Grenades" describes a type of IED, doesn't it?

The lyrics go something like this:

There's only our hair's breadth between us, obscure as we are
Obscure as we are, there's only our hair's breadth between us
There's only our hair's breadth between us, as sure as we be
As sure as we be, there's only our hair's breadth between us

Glass sandstorms
(still we'll not keel over, keel over, keel over)
Glass candle
(still we'll not keel over, keel over, keel over)
Grenades are popping
(still we'll not keel over, keel over, keel over)

I love this song madly but it's not exactly a landmark in the Twin catalog. But in the ancient Sibylline tradition it seems to point to the recent events in Texas.

Bear in mind that by itself this leads us to the kind of moderate-intensity synchery that wouldn't really trouble me too much if not for that incredibly eerie and absolutely dead-on Lyra pattern. 

Even so, let's get on with it:

There's only our hair's breadth between us, obscure as we are
Obscure as we are, there's only our hair's breadth between us

The verse repeats the same idea in a number of different iterations, and doesn't seem to make a damn lick of sense. Surprise, surprise.

But, believe it or not, the issues of hair and obscurity land right in the middle of this unholy mess; this kid seems to have been very obscure indeed. 

There aren't any reports he was known to law enforcement or intelligence agencies and seemed to keep a low-to-invisible presence on social media.

And there's this weird issue with the blonde wig he ostensibly wore as a disguise (posing as "Kelly Kilmore", or "Church-Strife Servant of the Virgin Mary") that seems to be the fixation of the stories on this issue. 

For reasons I'm not quite getting, LEOs seem to be telling us that the wig was pivotal in their ID'ing and arrest of Conditt. 


Either way, what we're seeing here that the difference between "Kelly Kilmore" and Mark Condit seems to be the blond wig, so there is literally only a "hair's breadth between" the obscure bombing suspect and his alter ego. 

Think on it a spell.

As to the "glass sandstorms" of the first line in the chorus, well that lands us smack dab in the heart of Texas, which is notorious for it's sandstorms. This is by no means a reach-- it's an integral part of the Lone Star State's self-identity. 

"Still we'll not keel over" seems pretty self-explanatory, but I'm certainly open to suggestions.

Then we have "glass candles" in the next line, which could have have a number of different meanings, such as the candlelight vigil that's recently been announced in connection to the bombings.

And then there's this; a news story about an eyewitness to Conditt's death--named "Michael Luna," of all things-- talked about the report of the explosion sounding like "grenades going off." 

So in other words we have the following:

"Glass sandstorms": Texas
"Glass candles": vigils over the bombings
"Grenades are popping": the sound of the explosions as reported by a witness.

Bear in mind we don't have a lot of lyrics to choose from here, and each of them seems to land on a significant part of this case.

But speaking of Chandra and Luna and candles...

...there's a candle maker in Austin called Luna Tigre, believe it or not. So yet another sync to the Moon Goddess and to this apparent eyewitness to the Conditt self-snuff. 

There's also the semiotic connection to the Plain Tiger, a butterfly in the Monarch family that's the subject of the first known depiction of a butterfly in history (in Ancient Egypt, specifically). 

So what, right?

Well, as it happens the depiction in question was found at Luxor (remember Luxor?) and portrays the use of a throwing weapon to hunt geese. And those kinds of weapons eventually evolved into- you guessed it-- grenades.

"Plain Tiger" is the title of a classic Cocteau Twins cut as well. 

The first cut on side one of Head Over Heels is "When Mama Was Moth." 

Moths, of course, were sacred to Luna and other Moon Goddesses.

And if you click the "shop" link at the Luna Tigre site, you're taken first to the glass candle page. 

Now bear in mind that "Glass Candle Grenades" isn't just some song from a zillion years ago, it's also part of a well-publicized re-release that dropped in stores smack dab in the middle of the drama in Austin. 

What's more, it dropped on the eve (or first day, conversely) of the Liberalia, the Roman festival dedicated to Dionysus/Osiris/Bacchus that the authorities created to replace the scandalous Bacchanalias, upon which HP Lovecraft based his Cthulhu cults.

March 16th itself was dedicated to a procession for the Argei, or Unknown Gods.

Of course, this didn't stop anyone from celebrating the Liberalia by marching around carrying giant penis statues.

I'm sure the new LIberalia-- Saint Patrick's Day-- is big in Austin, but I'm not as sure about the giant dick floats. It's still Texas.

Now as to this Equinox self-sacrifice, we've seen this rather ominous image of the Red Roof Inn sign with one of the Os blinked off. I don't know why, but this kind of creeps me out.

All the more so when I ran the gematria. 

Now, I don't much go for gematria normally, but this got my attention.


As an added bonus, "Glass Candle Grenades" was released a month or so after Our Lady's "Song to the Siren." So it's inevitable that Siren is premiering 9 days after the Austin Bomber bought it.

We'll be diving deeper into this story in the near future, but as I predicted, this Siren thing is looking like a pretty big deal. A FB board member posted this snapshot of a promo poster from a Chicago train station.

And as you'd expect by now, this Siren has Betty Fraser Eyes. But even more pointed is this little factoid...

...the story takes place in the fictional Bristol Cove, ostensibly named after the current hometown of Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls. 

Sensing a pattern here?

If not, check out this little photo op with Siren's lead actress, Eline Powell, tying into the now-obligatory Pearl symbolism.

As well as looking a lot more comfortable than Our Lady, who was talked into a similar setting during her meltdown period.

And of course, "every influencer" is pitching in on the Pearl entrainment program, according to Teen Vogue.


Which one of you jokers is trolling the Qanon boards? This is twice now. I don't care myself, only it might earn me some heat from folks I don't much care to cross. So do me a favor and knock it off. 

Speaking of which, this story about the SES, or Special Executive Service, has been making the rounds with Qanon fan-types recently. It seemed like business as usually to me until I looked at the SES logo...

...and damn, if it didn't remind me of a Sumerian lyre, giving us that Lyra riff yet again. That's interesting in an of itself but there's also the numerology-- there are 13 stars and 7 strings on the "keystone" which is made up of four segments.

13x7= 91 (dimensions of Tower of Babel, Harvest 91, etc etc)

4+7=11, 4+13=17=Q and so on and bla bla.

In other words, typical secret-society OCD nonsense.


I've told you that "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" is not some charming little New Wave Christmas Carol but what could in fact be the most terrifying song ever written. 

OK, OK, out with the laughter, mocking and derision. I can take it.

But the song is a lot less charming when you take into account that the final line in the second verse is "To rip asunder what he saw," which in turn follows, "Wakes to light the fire, for the Pearly Dewdrops' Drops," who I argue are the Fallen Angels (Dropped from the Pearly Gates) coming to mate with the Daughters of Men, no pun intended. 

Well, kind of intended.

When I thought about "wakes to light the fire," I eventually hit on the Ring of Fire, the massive seismological danger zone that has been uncommonly active these past few months. 

And then comes this article from Linda Moulton Howe's Earthfiles, about weird and disturbing goings on in Oregon.

Well, whatever-- Earthfiles, right? Ancient Aliens, the whole bit.

Well, maybe not.

As it happens the authorities in Oregon seem to be preparing for something these past weeks, and one of the local major newspapers published an article saying you best put your big boy pants on, because a major earthquake is overdue and it could really harsh your mellow. 

The clear inference seems to be that you Portlanders think fighting the "Patriarchy" and "white supremacy" is powerful-thirsty work?  Oh, are you in for a reality check.

In all seriousness, if you're in the Cascadia area, start prepping now. Please. Bottled water, first-aid, non-perishable food, batteries, candles, and on and on. Don't wait-- do it today. Major earthquakes often come totally unannounced. 

That's scary; this terrfies the living piss right out of me...

You want to know what worries me more than anything in this entire world? Take a look at these....

As if the Yellowstone Caldera weren't terrifying enough, now we find out it's just the tip of a very, very, very huge mantle plume, that some claim stretches all the way down to Mexico.

Now even before this plume was discovered the possible effects of a supervolcano eruption at Yellowstone were incredibly dire; toxic gases could poison millions, the ash could blot out the sun for years over a huge swath of the North American continent, a "nuclear winter" scenario could cause widespread crop failures in what is the breadbasket of the world, which in turn could cause widespread famines and mass death.

Now? God, I have no idea. I'm sure a lot of you might. But I've been thinking about cascading effects ripping a path through the Rocky Mountain range all the way down to Mexico and maybe even further south. 

I have no earthly idea what kind of pressure that could put on the major faults, such as the New Madrid and the San Andreas, but nothing would surprise me. But what terrifies me is that this could somehow cause a chain reaction that would indeed "light the fire"- the Ring of Fire.

Now, odds are that won't happen any time soon, or at all. But you can't study history without realizing what an incredibly violent planet we live on and how many great civilizations were reduced to rubble following serious volcano eruptions.  

I can't even imagine what a super-volcano eruption would do to our fragile civilization, so reliant on technology and sophisticated systems of food production and distribution. 

Maybe I need to watch The Road again.

It's probably nothing to worry about. But one thing gives me pause and that's Our Lady's frighteningly accurate prophetic track record. With its "ruby stars" and "ruby suns" and "fires" and "rooster eyes" tearing everything apart, "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops" might be heart-rendingly gorgeous but it's also really scary.

It's all subject to interpretation, but I do admit I'm a wee bit concerned. All this activity in the Ring of Fire did start in the Year of the Rooster, after all.

I have no doubt Our Lady knows her Bible and knows her Book of Revelation. I don't think Nigel Grierson pulled all of the imagery in "Pearly" video out of the ether, especially considering Our Lady entrusted him with her actual lyrics.

In that light, I'll just share this little daisy-chain of synchery with you. Right near the Yellowstone Caldera is a Red Rock, which rubies and almandines- both namechecked in "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops"- actually are. 

(Make note of the Devil's Den a bit further north). 

Well, so what, right? Big deal. 

Well, just to the east of Red Rock is...

...Dewdrop Lake. And just a bit west is...

...a Ruby Ridge. 

And not to gild the lily here but many varieties of pearls very commonly come in shades of yellow and gold and pearls are classified as gem-stones. 

And in West Yellowstone there's a Strawberry (="Fraser") Lane. Believe me, there's a whole lot of nothing out in those parts, so any hits you get are loaded with a little extra punch.

And in keeping with the traditional FLAP, there's a Frazer, Montana just eight short hours north/northeast. Because why wouldn't there be?

Well, let's just keep our fingers crossed here. With the eruption of the Steamboat Geyser one could argue the fire has been lit, and let's hope we're looking at a symbolic portent in anticipation of some other event (the Fallen Angels rising, in this case) and not Yellowstone erupting and tearing everything asunder through some kind of chain reaction.

We have enough to worry about, right? 

I mean, I won't mention that on the same side of Head Over Heels as "Glass Candle Grenades" is "Sugar Hiccup," which "makes the earth toss and tumble" and the heavens "curtsy and bow."

Jesus, even Our Lady's songs about fucking are apocalyptic.

UPDATE: A reader writes this, about "Glass Candle Grenades": "Great. Now that song is terrifying to me. It's the unseen (obscure) immaterial intelligences surrounding us at all times only a hair width away... creepy"

I suppose I shouldn't mention then that the song between "Sugar Hiccup" and "Glass Candle Grenades" is called "In Our Angelhood."

I'll leave you with this wisdom:

SIDEBAR: This is a bit of a guppy, sync-wise, but there is a Dew Drop Lane across town from La Margarita, completing the Pearly Dewdrop circuit. Only because I am in a coma, and you probably are too.
And to tie into the Siren saga, we have a Dolores Catholic Church a block away from one of the Austin bombing sites, synching up with Dolores O'Riordan and Our Lady of Sorrows (which Demeter/Ceres/Isis was called in antiquity). Another guppy perhaps, but kind of interesting.

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