This is the World in Which You Live Now.

Huh. I guess those of us who had our misgivings about the narrative being spun out of Parkland were proven right. 

Yet again. 

Yet again. I guess we'll have to make do with the sense of accomplishment, however. 

Amazingly,, after working closely with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and school authorities to pin the blame for the shootings on the NRA, seemed to have a sudden change of heart and headlined the brain-bursting negligence of the FBI on its homepage.

Maybe CNN suddenly realized that being out on the branch that Sheriff Israel and whoever else was running this appalling shitshow were furiously sawing away at wasn't the best place to find yourself. 

Not if you're worried about scotching the pending merger of your corporate parent and a telecommunications giant.

Of course, the Miami Herald went after the FBI's almost existentially-unimaginable misconduct hammer-and-tongs on the front page.

The New York Times? Eh, not so much. 

They ran the story nearish the masthead but clearly played it down by not mentioning that the Feds blew off the tipster off in the capsule.

The Times is the apex of journalistic credibility in comparison to the raw-boned misdirection of The Langley Washington Post, however. 

The Post buries the story with a tiny item buried beneath a bunch of partisan sploodge, and words the headline in an "aw, shucks, things went a bit sideways but doesn't this happen all the time? Judge not lest ye be judged," kind of way.

Yeah. Make of that what you will.

In a related story, Evangelist Billy Graham passed away at the age of 99. You saw a lot of the usual partisan and sectarian hot takes on his legacy, but so far I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that he too was essentially the creation of the upper caste of the intelligence demimonde.

Graham benefitted greatly from the patronage of people like Allen Dulles, Bernard Baruch and Henry Luce, as well as the support of the Hearst newspaper chain.

Graham's operation was an global enterprise, in keeping with the inclinations of his overlords. Something we see accelerating quite a bit today.

Speaking of religion, the Oscars are coming up fast and furious. And the critics' choice The Shape of Water finds itself staring down the barrel of a lawsuit, alleging the story was lifted from a 1969 play about a woman who falls in the love with a dolphin.

I think someone else beat Del Toro to the punch on that one, though.

Speaking of Miami and Dolphins, former Dolphin Jonathan Martin posted a picture on social media of a shotgun and shell in a rant about getting back at bullies, an act which actually so alarmed the ritzy Harvard-Westlake high school he attended in Los Angeles they shut down, fearing a shooting incident.

Martin is now in custody.

Interesting he was #71, which some of you might remember as the number of Lam.

And then there's this story about Gucci's show at Milan Fashion Week, which featured models and decapitated heads, dragons, snakes and all other kinds of Book of Revelation symbology. 

This is hot on the heels of their new 2018 line, the promotional material for which was like the all-time champion of the Secret Sun Scrabble World Tournament. More on that later.

I can't quite explain why but Gucci seems to have been tapped as the fashion vanguard for whatever the hell is emerging all around us. And no less a fashion bible than Elle comes right as names Gucci's new lines as "witchcraft" and a "doorway to the occult."

Not Vigilant Citizen, mind you, not InfoWars


Well, the Devil does wear Prada, if you get my meaning. 

Maybe she wears Gucci, too.

And oh hey, look who's kicking into the kitty for the Gun Control March that materialized out of the ether a matter of hours after the Parkland shootings! Can you just imagine!

Astonishing, I tell you. 

Look at my face; that's my astonished expression.

Speaking of devilry practiced at the very highest levels, there's a new exorcist in Tinseltown. Only he's not some fuddy-duddy old priest with bony fingers he can't keep to himself, he's a she! 

Better yet, she's a witch!

It's so weird because I was just telling the missus that nothing is more likely to put a demon-possessed starlet at ease than having a witch who looks like Joan Jett cosplaying Morticia Adams run a dagger across their wrists. 

Hell, I feel better already myself, and the demon possessing me already told me it's not going anywhere soon so shut my mouth and wait for my marching orders.

And I always do what Eddy says. That's my demon's name, Eddy. No, not like Iron Maiden.

 His name is Eddie.

Speaking of mind control, a butterfly believed to be extinct for 130 years just reappeared. And where else than in bonnie Scotland, home of a certain someone also closely associated with butterflies springs from?

Speaking of things associated with certain psychic oracles, Thursday was National Margarita Day. "Margarita" meaning "Pearl." 

Like "Marjory." 

National Magarita Day was even trending on Twitter...hold it a second. Who's that I see trending that day as well?

Oh hey, Brendan Fraser! Who we just discussed the other day! Star of the first two Mummy films. And star of Bedazzled with Elizabeth Hurley and Monkeybone with Rose "the Pearly Dewdrop Drop" McGowan!

Yeah, Fraser's big #metoo story broke in GQ on Pearly Dewdrop Drop Margarita Day!

What an astoundingly astounding coincidence!

As is this- McClaren's new Formula One car is going all-Orange! Who'da thunk it!

 Guess who else is going Orange? Why, NASCAR star Danica Patrick in her new GoDaddy ad!

So did walking punchline Justin Trudeau, who was apparently made Prime Minister of Canada to make Donald Trump look dignified and statesman-like by comparison.

I bet the Trudies all went Orange for gun control. Or to support the Houston Astros. Or to take a stand against bullying. Or to support Florida fruit pickers. Or...

Speaking of choads, a streaker looking suspiciously like Billy Connolly soy-bombed the Olympics, fumbling around an ice rink dressed only in a tutu and a monkey-faced jockstrap. I have to admit I found it a bit shocking to see how sparsely attended the event in question was, however.

Seeing a lot of this lately, how about you? 

The real question here is alien life ready for the discovery of us? 

LOL. Just kidding.

I mean, everyone knows the aliens have been slowly and methodically taking our world over for a good 70 years or so, right? As soon as all these quantum computers are loaded with their Cosmo-Demonic AIs, most of us are toast. 

So start checking off that bucket list now.

I mean, you know it's bad when no less a Bond villain arch-Globalist than George Soros is going after Facebook and Google. Does the old oligarch have a conscience after all? Or simply doesn't appreciate the competition?

But if you think that's shocking, get a load of this...

Bill Gates? Warning SiliCylon Valley of technology's dangerous potential? Oh my stars and garters! This is the Apocalypse!

There are only two possibilities here: either you and I actually are in the coma ward and this is our brain "taking the piss" as the Brits say, or these two overlords have come face-to-face with a malevolence that dwarfs even their own. 

Maybe something that rhymes with Flosmo-Flemonic Flay-Fly? Cast your votes in the comments section.

As always, thanks to my tipsters and commenters. You rock like Spock.

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