Super Blue Blood Bowl LII Pre-Game: Gigantic

Pretty flowers? Pretty. Do you like them? I'm very hungry.

Well, it's the NFLim's Big Day. 

The Big Game is finally here; the Super Blue Blood Bowl LII. And they're pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Vegas are well-pleased with their adorations and ceremonial gladiator games. 

As we've seen, the redesigned NFLim logo not only incorporates the All-Important 44 but also Lyra, the Harp of Apollo.

And the New Atlantis' Baphomets shiteous new logo (well, it will always be new to me) coincidentally corrolates to the GOAT.

Jimbo points us to this flagrant hilarity-the Philae-Delphi Eagles as Giants, trophy as idol perched atop black pyramid. Patro-Baphomets as a Blue Man Group? Luxor-licious!

Oddsmakers in Heaven or Las Vegas are calling for a final score of 91-44.

And boy oh boy, someone's putting their ducks in a row--the Pearly Dow-Drop dropped 666 points on Friday. And thank you to RL for reminding me I forgot to use that line in the last post.

And Trump's approval rating coincidentally jumped to 49 percent. Grant that man Garlands evergreen and forget-me-not wreaths!

By the way, someone remind me to create a 49 tag.

We're definitely going to be needing one.

Love the NLP here- "summon a hologram." Perfect. 

Don't ever change, MKOFTEN legacy-program.

But there's some confusion as to whether His Purpleness will be summoned on account of Prince may have thought holograms were demonic.  

Say, you don't think all of these shenanigans have anything to do with piggybacking on a little Sibyl mojo, do you? 

Either way, I'm betting the Twin Cities pay tribute to the Regulus of Rock in some way. Party like it's 1999!

Sidenote: the "OK, Now Be Really Evil" gang seem to be interested in twins. Or is that the Mengele Effect?

And who better than Philae-Delphi's own Pink to sing "the Star Spangle-Maker Banner?" Let's all hope she gets her voice back.

Cuz' she's a Pearl of a gal. Go Pink! Go Vegas!

While we're at it, let's all hope this Asteroid coming in from the void doesn't rip asunder what it saw. Because I bet a fortune on the Pats.

Or perhaps the Aster-oid! will deliver you-know-who from you-know-where. Keep your fingers crossed, NASA!

But if you want to see the Asteroid AJ12:9, look in the direction of Beauty and the Beast. Hopefully, you won't be seeing it on the third part of the waters.

And say, am I crazy or does 2002 AJ129 encode both 23 September and Revelation 12:9 ("And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.")

Nah, I'm crazy. I mean, what do fallen angels have to do with all of this, anyway?

Right, Phylax? 

How about you; are anti- or pro-Phylaxtic? 

Reason I ask is that some of the most pro-Phylaxtic corporations in the world are jockeying to best please the Pearlies.

For instance, software giant Intuit dew-dropped this little CGI loveletter to the Vegas. It seems to be an orientation video to the post-2044 world. Looks like it cost a packet. Give it a peek. 

Just do it soon. They'll be watching to see if you're watching.

And yeah; not even remotely a coincidence. I mean, allegedly not even remotely a coincidence.

I especially like the scene in A Giant Story when the Vegas unleash the Slaughterbots. So shiny!

OK, so I watched a bunch of the new Super Bowl ads and they are every bit as curb-stompingly stupid as you might expect. I actually lost 5 IQ points just watching them. Through my sick.

However, the new Coca-Cola ad is a fascinating display of submission to our near-future Vegan Overlords. I think it's called "(We'll Make Great) Pets" but maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Screamingly-blatant CIA mind-control outlet Vice got in on the primate surrender-signaling as well, with "AskSlutever"' teaching men how to properly beg the Vegas to spare their puny, miserable lives. 

Beg or peg, I forget which.  I didn't really watch the whole thing seeing how she reminds me of Courtney Love. Just not as murdery.

And no, I didn't spot any Mermaids in the ad previews but I won't die of shock if some do show up. However, there was quite a bit of water symbolism to be found. You'll see what I mean.

Hey; its 12:25, do you know where your Lucifer and his pet Terminator action figures are? 

Ask Alexa.

While you're at it, ask Alexa where your golden Reptilian idol is. You need it for your afternoon grovelings. 

If Alexa Luthor doesn't know, ask Kyle Odom.

Oh; before I forget; ask Kyle where he keeps his "emotional support peacock." I was hoping to borrow it for the Big Game. 

And wouldn't you just know it? Domes! Coincidentalicious!

The domes keep the bad out and the good in. Meaning keeping they keep the choice livestock in their paddocks. 

Soup's on, Semjaza. I bet y'all are downright ravenous after that long trip.

On a more serious topic, here's some sad news- another train crash. Second in two weeks. Cayce is just outside Columbia.

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