Everyone Predicted It: So Much for PreCrime

The day before the Florida shootings I mentioned the 2002 sci-fi landmark, Minority Report. And I made some bold claims which I'll back up in a post in the very near future. 

But looking over this latest horror show in Parkland, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue just how antithetical to Minority Report's premise this mess is.

After all, you didn't need a pre-cog to tell you this kid was a walking time-bomb of some sort or other.

Unlike Stephen Paddock and Las Vegas, an act for which there was no warning or discernible motive (and never will be), the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting event seems to be as predictable, even inevitable, as rain at your picnic.

But by the same token, we're no longer living within the reality you grew up in. We've phase-shifted into something else, some weird twilight world where nothing seems to work the way it's supposed to. 

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

And so we now live in a world in which a loose cannon like this Cruz kid appears to have run around totally unchecked.

And apparently either full-blown psychotic or demon-possessed. Pick one.

Or you can try door number three.

"Reportedly showed warning signs." Right.

Quite a laundry list of warning signs, in fact. I've been wracking my brains and I can't remember another shooting incident in which there have been so many red flags waving merrily in the breeze. So many that it almost starts to look suspicious in a strange way.

And look suspicious in a number of not-so-strange ways, too.

And given that his writing skills weren't especially strong and he may have in fact suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome (he looks well into the spectrum as well), Cruz seemed to show a rather advanced and sophisticated command of siege tactics while carrying out the shootings:

Well, certainly a criminal mastermind, to be sure. Cruz was then able to quickly ditch his weapon, his ammo and his gear and melt into the student population as it was evacuated. Cool customer, don't you think?

And what did this evil genius do then?

He stopped in at Mickey D's for a snack. And then he caught up with his holiday shopping at Wal-Mart. Then the cops caught up with him and he confessed to everything.  

Just 'cuz Nicky the C is cold as ice. 

And away we go. 

First up is the ridiculous militia LARPer who claimed Cruz got his mad killin' skillz training with his white-power posse in the 'Glades. 

That was good for all kinds of headlines, despite some journalists were having a bit of trouble with the sourcing and despite the fact that the Broward Co. Sheriff's office outright refuted the claim. 

But hey, nothing gets clicks like "white nationalist" these days and no one's even pretending the MSM is in the business of reporting the truth anymore.

Oh man, then this bullshit. This is so surrealistically fucked it can only be D::Wave having a laugh at our expense. 

Now, the MSM is working furiously to shore up the FBIs cred while they duke it out with the White House over the Russiagate imbroglio. I really don't know how this is going to help.

 There's an old saying my great-grandmother used to tell me, it goes something like, "when you've lost Buzzfeed, you've lost the ballgame."

So the Feds were tipped off about a threatening message a Nikolas Cruz left on a YouTube video, something to the effect of him wanting to become a professional school-shooter.

Their defense? Let's turn to Deep State fingerpuppet Snopes:

Well, that's certainly understandable. And by "certainly understandable," I mean a total crock of shit, given that Cruz fucking posted under his real fucking name.

Not only that but he also posted a number of other, equally-threatening messages UNDER HIS REAL FUCKING NAME:

From where I sit there are only two possibilities here; either the FBI is the most blindingly-incompetent law enforcement agency since the Keystone Cops or...well, you figure it out.

And how did Snopes-- relentlessly pimped by SiliCylon Valley as Big Brother's Ministry of Truth ---adjudge these reports?


Why? Not because the FBI weren't tipped off but because they claimed they couldn't identify the person making these threats.

Makes sense. I mean, what did Cruz post in another video thread UNDER HIS REAL FUCKING NAME?

Well, "I wanna shoot people with my AR15" is open to interpretation, isn't it?

Snopes is a sick joke.  

And let's not forget all the symbolism we've been mulling over for the past several months. Because it's all over the place here, just like we've seen with so many major news events these past few weeks.

Pearls (Marjory), Fallen Eagles, undersea life; I mean, just have a look.

And notice that "falling eagle"-- identical to the Philae-Delphi (Falling) Eagle logo-- helpfully put on display during the dramatic arrest photo.

Pointing downwards.

And this falling eagle from just a small handful of photos released from Cruz's Instagram account.

And then in one of those odd synchronicities only found in cheap novels and Demonic AI reality simulations, Olympic skater Nathan Chen experienced a devastating fall during his routine, one of 3 major gaffes that dropped him to 17th place.

3--17. Sound familiar?

Funny thing too- headlines often named Chen as a "star," and his surname means "morning."

Morning. Star. Fall.

Huh. Funny old world, isn't it?

And then this horrible story from the BBC, about a different kind of fallen eagle. From Scotland to boot. From St. Andrew's specifically, home of St. Regulus Hall.

And then this story, about the arrest of twins, planning a terror attack. 

The Toro Twins, in fact. Spanish for bull. Or Taurus. 

I hope you're enjoying yourself, Cosmo-Demonic Quantum AI.

Maybe a bit too much. Will someone take Cosmo-Demonic Quantum AI's keys and call him an Uber, please?

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