Cyclone Gita and the Siren Song Ritual

We recently looked at how the appearance of a topless cross-country skier from Tonga seemed to be the most gripping story--for the media, that is-- during the opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

How did that work out for the tiny island nation in the South Pacific?

Not so well, as it happens.

Cyclone Gita, which formed over New Zealand and off the eastern shores of Australia, went tear-assing across the South Pacific, looking for the shit. 

And unfortunately, seemed to find it.

The Siren was invoked in Perth (on Australia's western shores) on Friday evening, and will be twice a day for the next week or so. 

As you can see, this was clearly presented as a spell, a working. There's no reason to hide it anymore.

After all, the organizers of the festival explicitly told us several weeks ago that this is a ritual. That's part of the pitch. They even let everyone know that this ritual already killed the helicopter pilot who was participating in it. 

I'm sure that fact titillated quite a few folks who were wavering over whether to attend the show or not. Death always draws a crowd.

And sure enough, we didn't even have to wait to see what would come of this ritual invocation. Cyclone Gita arose shortly after the ritual was actually being performed on the other side of the Australian continent. It might have even arose while the spell was being performed, I'll have to nail down the exact chronology.

Do note that the producers of Siren Song also produced an Eyes Wide Shut-type party for Dark Mofo as well. Because this is where everything is headed. That's just the way it is.

I didn't see any obvious mermaids at the Olympic opening ceremonies but given it is winter and the Korean mountains are bitterly cold this time of year we shouldn't have expected any. But we did see this chimeric figure, whose human head and wings are certainly related to (in theory, at least) to the Siren in its original incarnation as Lady Bird.

Certainly very different in appearance but essentially the same idea.

What's more, Gita is a feminine name that means "song," appropriately enough, given the storm's co-incidence with the Siren Song invocation.

And as we see here, the Sirens were all named along similar lines as well. In some myths the Sirens were the handmaidens of Persephone, Queen of Hell. As some of you might remember, we recently encountered Persephone while sorting through Fraserfest 2017 (aka Les T�moins) and before that with the Lil Peep drama.

As we'll be seeing in the near future, Australia is way ahead of the curve on this emerging...what? Agenda? Paradigm shift? Mass invocation? All of the above? 

Whatever you choose to call it, they're in the vanguard. Aquasonic-- shown here performing at the Sydney Festival-- are most certainly part of it.

I do have to say these are in fact festivals in the traditional sense, meaning "religious holidays." That's becoming abundantly clear now.

And even though probably all of you are still trying to wrap your head around how a reclusive, emotionally-fragile, semi-retired singer from the 1980s can be a Sibyl--an oracle of Apollo-- in the Classical sense, rest assured that there are quite a few people out there who are already quite deep into that realization.

And have been for some time now. Much, much more on that later.

Yeah, Minority Report is actually about her. It's immediately obvious to anyone who's been following this story.  The film has nothing to do with the PKD story or even the original screenplay. 

Deal with it.

But here's yet another little taste of how it works. I actually thought of all this when studying the hurricanes over the summer. 

On the Cocteau Twins' last-ever EPs (there were two versions, both with "Violaine" as the A-track) there were two songs, one called "Circling Girl" and the other called "Tranquil Eye." It was immediately apparent to me what Liz Fraser was referencing with those titles.

And that was a cyclone (meaning "circling") and its eye, sometimes called the 'tranquil eye' of the storm. And then it hit me this morning:

Circling Girl
Cyclone Gita

I should mention that "Tranquil Eye" was covered by Chinese superstar Faye Wong (under the title "Divide"), who covered several Cocteau Twins songs and worked with them on an original song called "Amusement Park."

The Sickle, again

And the A-side? Violaine means "violet," which is this year's official color. The vocals are English lyrics sung backwards.

Before I forget: "Tishbite"-- their penultimate single-- refers to the Prophet Elijah, who engaged in a magical battle with the priesthood of Ba'al, god of storms

Elijah also fell afoul of Jezebel, who was dedicated to Asherah, the Sidonian Venus.

See what I mean? There's no bottom to this well.

Given the fact that the same organization that produced the 9/11-invoking Millennium Dome Show (with Fraser in a featured singing role) also produced the ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics, I should also mention that Faye Wong (who had originally been scheduled to sing at Beijing) will be a featured performer in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, which is said to draw nearly three-quarters of a billion television viewers.

So we have two milestone songs (well, only in that they were songs on the last releases of the Cocteau Twins during their active career) pointing to a cyclone and directly connected to a Chinese superstar whose next big gig is the Chinese New Year festival this week.

So that gives us what and when

I'll tell you one thing, I sure as hell would like to know what she's actually singing about on those cuts.

If all that weren't enough, we have Chloe KIm from this inexpicably-Orange Olympiad and this odd story, in which her father seems to be referring to one of the dragons seen during the recent ceremonies.

Namely the Rooster Eye on my Star and the Pearly Dewdrop Drop. 

Chloe was an epithet of Demeter, mother of Persephone. Just thought you should know.

I'm telling you again, we're looking at an honest-to-God Oracle whose prophecies are about right now. 

It's only in the suicidal, mentally-sick, postmodern West that these kinds of things aren't taken entirely for granted.

I keep banging on about this because our futures might well depend on figuring what the fuck she was trying to tell us. Or rather, what someone-- or something --was using her to tell us.

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