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Well, the dust settles and a clearer picture begins to emerge of the events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and it just keeps getting sicker and uglier. 

Forget all the nonsense about crisis actors and the rest of it, you don't need to go poking around fake-ass news sites to see just rancid and foul this looks for every single person whose job it was to prevent this from happening, from Cruz's guardians to the school administrators to the Broward County Sheriff's Office and all the way to the very top of the FBI.

So why are we hearing so much shrieking hysteria about the NRA-- an organization I'm definitely no supporter of-- from every single media talking head? 

Let's go over just some of the evidence. 

The FBI admits that it got two separate tips- from a YouTube channel and from a family member- that Cruz was making violent threats. 

Despite an unusual name and other posted threats of violence they claim they couldn't track this guy down, which you'd have to be the most credulous mainstream media coprophage to believe for a millisecond.

The Sheriff's office also did nothing when Cruz's first guardians after his mother's death warned them of his propensity for violence.

As also happened with this young woman. 

And somehow the military intelligence analyst that Cruz was living with at the time of the shootings couldn't figure out that this 19 year-old kid with a jacket nearly the size of a 33 year-old Charlie Manson was a threat and shouldn't keep guns in the house.

How fucking stupid to you have to be to believe this bullshit?

And somehow there was also a 20-minute tape delay on the CCTV feed sent to the police station. 

Hey, you make mistakes too, you know.

The Washington Post-- the Washington fucking Post-- reports that the deputy that stood outside with his thumb up his ass during the shootings also failed to report results of a police investigation into Cruz's alarming behavior with social services.

And David Hogg, who's been the media's go-to point-man on the shootings, seems to have had a prior relationship with CNN, as well as having been featured on a CBS News report last summer. 

Humiliating a public servant for enforcing the law, I might add.

Oddly enough, the video Hogg is famous for now was time-stamped as having been recorded at 9:32, a full five hours before the shootings were reported to have begun. 

Maybe just a slip of the tongue.

And then there's this: I'll just stick that out there for the time being.

And even odder, we have some Secret Sun name-gaming going on here, with his name spelling out in SecretSunese as "Taffy Turns Almandine Shepherd-Boy."

As we've discussed the shootings also took place on Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday and the day before the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. 

At Marjory--or Pearly--Stoneman Douglas School, home of the Vegas Eagles.

Heavy synchro-weather there.

February 14 was also the penultimate day of the Year of the Rooster, reminding us again of the prophecy, "Rooster eye on my star, to rip asunder what he saw."

Yet again.

It's pretty obvious why all the guys at CNN love this shepherd boy so much. And then there's also the fact that his father is Deep State up and down the line.

And inevitably, CNN has taken pole position in driving the narrative with this story. 

And get ready, because here it comes...






Are we looking at a new Orange Revolution?

You remember the first one, don't you? 

The CIA-backed "Orange Revolution?" In the Ukraine? 

How did that work out?

Oh. Not so well, I guess. C'est la vie.

I can see the confusion some people had with this Hogg character, though. His family do seem to have a home in ritzy Palos Verdes Estates, or did when this was posted on Hogg's Instagram in July 2016.

Apparently, Hogg's father also did work with refugees, not exactly sure where or when, and was well-known for bringing plushies to refugee children. But his FBI work may have explained this family's apparent bi-location.

Oddly, Palos Verdes Estates was also the site of Chester Bennington's death a year after that Instagram post apparently went up.

Speaking of Chester, Linkin Park traveled to Haiti on behalf of the Clinton Foundation in 2014 to help set up a recycling plant. 

And recently we saw some other big news out of that impoverished country when the government expelled British charity Oxfam over reports of sexual misconduct by its workers.

Coincidentally, Lawrence Krauss is in hot water over his own alleged sexual misconduct over a period of several years. This is a story I read about quite a bit on Freethought Blogs a few years back.

Krauss is also notorious in skeptic circles for his full-throated defense of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who some of you may have heard a thing or two about.

I'll end this on a bright note- despite what you might hear, shooting and bombing threats against public schools are thwarted all the time. They just don't make the headlines.

But stopping these things often turns out to be rather simple when people do their fucking jobs.

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