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Wow, there's an image for you, eh Jimmy? Pretty gruesome looking fella, wouldn't you say?

What's this for?  A sacrificial altar from the new Devil May Cry video game? A reconstructed Carthaginian tophet? The cover to Slayer's new live album?

Well, why don't you pack up the fams and head over to the Alton Towers amusement park in Staffordshire and find out! 

That's right, hide your friendly neighborhood Scottish constable, Nigel; The Wicker Man is coming to Alton Towers just in time for Beltane!   

And in case you don't get the jist of exactly what this little joyride is planting deep inside your brain, check out the teaser here. We're a long way away from bonnie corn-rigs here.

But sorry, only 12 and up can be immolated within ride The Wicker Man�. 

But don't worry. For the wee wanes, Alton Towers introduces the new Tophet Teacups� ride! It's really smokin'!

Weird how it looks vaguely familiar, though. Plus, more like a Wicker Ram.

And hey, did you hear? There's a new verb in town. 

It's "Baker-Acting," a reference to the Florida law that allows anyone to be institutionalized for up to 72 hours if the cops perceive you as a threat. 

Funny thing; the psychotic mass-murderer with the laundry list of troublemaking wasn't Baker-Acted for some arcane, utterly unknowable reason. But you can bet they won't make that mistake again. Meaning that mistake of letting everyone know he somehow "slipped through the cracks in the system."

Can't wait for the inevitable variations of Baker-Acting: like institutionalizing that kid, you know, the one who always seems a bit too emo. 

Or the suburban empty-nesters unhappy with their dream house being Eminent-Domained so the city can demolish it and give away the land to a tech giant. 

Or anyone a micrometer to the right of Yvette Felarca (ie., a "Nazi"). 

Or anyone who couldn't find a clean Orange shirt to wear on "National Wear Orange You Fucker Day." Baker-Act their ass already. 

Hold a sec, Joe:  for cryin' out loud, another frickin' school shooting. Pain in my ass. 

I'll catch this one. You go Baker-Act those mooks who tried to hide their little brat from the Transgenic Recruitment Task Force. What's that? Oh, no; that's the official name of the Mermaid Squad. Yeah.

Hey; we still on for Buffalo wings and pinochle tonight? I got a case of Michelob Light in the fridge that ain't gonna drink itself, beeotch!  Eight it is.


This image here has gone viral this week. It's an excerpt from Milton William Cooper's 1991 bestseller, Behold a Pale Horse. Here Cooper talks about a process he calls Orion, allegedly developed to create spree killers in order to bring about a police state.

And here's we get to my problem with Bill Cooper again. 

While there's no doubt that the military has been working with these types of technologies for a very long time, I can't find any verifiable documentation on "Orion." The earliest example of it I can find are some mentions from some space brother-type stuff ---as well as the Preston Nichols Montauk Conspiracy crowd-- dating to the late 80s. 

This little snip here keeps coming up over and over:
Project ORION (DREAMLAND), 1958, U.S.A.F.:
Description -- Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB.
Targeting -- Short range, in person.
Frequency range: ELF modulation. Transmission and reception by radar and microwaves.
Purpose: Top security debriefing, programming, insure security and loyalty.
Effects: Narcoleptic trance states, programming by suggestion.
Functional Basis: Electronic dissolution of memory, E.D.O.M. 
But I can't seem to find it in any of the source books I trust. A "Project Orion" did exist, but it was a nuclear missile study and not an MK project.

From what we've been told it wasn't a very far trip to bugout insanity for this Cruz kid, but the fact remains he may well have hitched a ride anyway. 

Voices in the head are pretty standard fare for schizophrenia, but we're hearing more to indicate he had a whole different set of problems.

Which brings us to Voice-to-Skull microwave technology, which is pretty well catalogued in the public record. Ten years ago we even saw this weird saga pop up on Wired (of all the damn places) about the Army's VTS brag-site that was up for a time and then got yanked offline.

Then of course, there's this:
1981 - 1982 "Between 1981 and September 1982, the Navy commissioned me to investigate the potential of developing electromagnetic devices that could be used as non-lethal weapons by the Marine Corp for the purpose of 'riot control', hostage removal, clandestine operations, and so on." Eldon Byrd, Naval Surface Weapons Center, Silver Spring MD. (From "Electromagnetic Pollution" by Kim Besly, p12.)
Now, bear in mind when I use terms like "well-catalogued" and "well-attested," I'm saying precisely that. Something can be well-catalogued and only exist on paper. 

I mean, the Moon Landings are pretty well-catalogued, right? Well, except for all the telemetry data and so on. But you get my meaning.

Even so, bear in mind that Byrd was working on these programs at the US Naval Surface Weapons Center and that there's a US Naval Surface Warfare Center a hop and a skip away from Parkland, FLA

Coincidence? Sure, maybe. One giant mother of a coincidence, though.

And let's also bear in mind that the Las Vegas shooter allegedly told his favorite prostitute that the government chaps could take over his brain, too.

Then there's Orion Krause, the gentle, thoughtful musical prodigy who decided one fine day that it was getting around that time to beat his wealthy family to death with a baseball bat, strip naked, roll around in the mud and then go next door to ask his neighbor for medicine.

That was 23 days before Las Vegas, incidentally. 

As Fate would command, young Orion's family lived just up the gully from Fort Devens (formerly the US Army Intelligence School) and adjoining FMC Devens, a lock-up for high-profile Federal prisoners like Joker Tsarnaev. 

But we're not done here yet.

You know those super-soldier chappies you keep hearing about on Project Camelot? Well, as it happens the top spot for creating them is "Natick," AKA The United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center. 

Yes, "Soldier Engineering." You read that right. From the LA Times:
"Imagine the psychological impact upon a foe when encountering squads of seemingly invincible warriors protected by armor and endowed with superhuman capabilities," said MIT nanotechnology apostle Edwin Thomas. 
Then again, sophisticated gadgetry can't do everything. That's why Natick's John Munroe wants to find a courage pill. During a study of war games in Louisiana, he says, researchers noticed that 10% of the soldiers made 90% of the kills. 
If a chemical to reduce fear were synthesized, GIs would be far more effective, he reasons. "You can give our guys all these neat gadgets, but if they get out there and freeze under fire, it's all useless," says Munroe, whose Natick ID card hangs from a neck strap that reads, "Nowhere to hide." 
"It's not just about how much high-tech stuff we have," he concludes. "It's about who we are inside."

Oh man, pills are over. It's all about the ELF now. Natick's not far from Orion's killzone either.

And so on.


Oh, take that to the bank. I'd say a lot more besides him to boot.

But shouldn't that read "for his success?" OCD. Sorry.

And remember Nathan Chen? Our Falling Morning Star?

Well, guess what? The Morning Star rose again! Did a whopping 6...um, those little spinny things or whatever. Quads. 

Was it the witchcraft? You already know my answer.

And according to the Brooklyn Vegan website, Marilyn Manson had an onstage meltdown at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, Long Island.

Sources report Manson got extremely upset and distraught when he realized he was actually onstage at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, Long Island.

Another source close to the band reported Manson lost his temper because he needed to inject himself back into the news cycle.

And wouldn't you just know it; Rosie the Riveting decided the Florida school shooting aftermath was the perfect opportunity to selflessly promote her new single, "Sirene", from the upcoming Planet 9 album.

Thank you so much, Rosie. I'm sure all the grieving families will find great strength in this.

Despite the title, "Sirene" sounds less Fraserian than like Siouxsie Sioux solo record you listened to a couple times and then sold for 75 cents at the late, lamented Slappy Joe's CD Shack.

Hey; you bought yourself a very tasty Snickers bar with that 75 cents. So quit your whining.

And just to cap off the week's activities, Elon MuskratLove is launching Osiris's missing penis the Falcon 9 this morning, so they can put even more surveillance junk in orbit. 

And yes, he knows the Tesla launch looked fake as shit. That's how you know it's real, Elon MuskForMen replied.

Because it looked really, really fake. Only things that are real look completely fake.


Valentine's Day morning.

Seriously, dude? 

Go read this now. We'll be here when you get back.

Make note of this detail. Plus the accused shooter's fractured hand.



Orange. #fraserfactor

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