Apocalypse Watch:: Scarlet Women and Red Almandine

OK, as usual there's a lot going on and lot of dots to connect. There's actually too much going on out there, really. Is there someone I can speak to about that? 

If not, let's dive in into LARPocalypse 2018 then. I'll try to be as clear as possible since there are a lot of moving parts here.

UPDATE: Oh, you gotta be kidding me; it's "Nation Go Scarlet for Women Day." Damn, I forget this important holiday every single year!

And of course Jake Tapper and the other special agents at CiaNN are taking part. Because of course.

And lo and behold, the Dow drops 666 points on National Scarlet Woman Day. Because that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Especially as an eagle-eyed Facebook member pointed out, it's 2/2, the 33rd day of the year. Which is the Masonic holiday of Groundhog Day, which was created to celebrate Day 33 in the same way the Freemies created St.Patrick's Day to celebrate 3/17 and Osiris-Dionysus, whose festival was on the same day in Rome.

Oh man- here we go. Intuit's new ad campaign.

Back to our originally scheduled post...

Now, if you haven't already, please go read this piece and this piece on what could very well turn out to be the most terrifying song ever written, "Pearly Dew Drops' Drop." 

Oh for fuck's sake, I hear you saying, how could that sweet little Christmas carol-sounding thing be terrifying? Well, except for the howly vocals and the odd tortured wail now and then?

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Smarty-Pants-Communist, it's because it seems to be casting predictions in 1984 that are coming true today, in a way in absolute lockstep with the methodologies of the ancient Sibyls.  That's how. 

Which makes sense because we're talking here about a real-life Sibyl.

The first verse again:

"Ruby stars are ruddy/ It's a Pearly Dew Drops' Drop/ Wakes to light the fire/ For some Pearly Dew Drops' Drop." Those are the lyrics to the first verse. Accept no substitutes.

The Ruby Star-- or for all you Thelemites, the Star Ruby-- could be said to be our star the Sun, which turned red in the skies over northern Europe in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia. Which itself toreass through town a couple weeks after Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas.

Why? Becuase the ruby is a solar symbol. So when Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, says "ruby stars are ruddy," that seeming redundancy points directly to the Sun- symbolized by the ruby- turning red or "ruddy."

But there's also the red- or ruddy-- Moon of the Super Blue Blood Moon on the 31st. This effect is caused by a lunar eclipse when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in alignment. So perhaps yet another redundancy, possibly fitting into that "ruby stars are ruddy" enigma. 

Back to this fire someone woke up to light:

This is a map of earthquake activity just within the past 24 hours. All the scientists will swear up and down this is all normal, but then again they also said earthquakes could be more severe than usual this month, so take your pick. 

And it looks as if there might be a bit more concern than usual over this recent activity, especially after the massive event off the coast of Alaska. 

It's always the stories no one pays attention to that grab my attention.

And aside from the earthquakes, we have some major volcanic activity kicking up around the Ring of Fire, some of which you may be familiar with, but some just going into alert status within the last 24 hours or so.

Scientists are apparently looking at a number of possible major eruptions this year, nearly all of which are located around the Ring of Fire.

We had an Orange alert situation in Guatemala, with the Volcan de Fuego going into eruption for several hours.

Then there's giant volcano in Mexico, a well-known UFO hotspot. See what I did there? Volcano, hotspot? I crack myself up sometimes.

And Mount Mayon in the Philippines seems to be fixing to really blow as well. As you can see there's a lot of concern that entire towns made need to be permanently evacuated. Hot magma is no joke.

But never mind all that; someone somewhere said something offensive to somebody on Twitter yesterday. It's about priorities.

Now, we've looked a lot at Regulus and the all-important occultation of it by Venus in 2044. In that light, do notice that Regulus and the Moon were in alignment last night.

Might want to perk up a bit about this, given all the stuff we saw about Regulus last year.


OK, then. Let's look again at the first two lines of the chorus: "Ruby stars and ruddy cups/ Rose the Pearly Dew Drops' Drop"
There's a face we've been seeing a lot of lately: Rose McGowan, the Avenging Angel hammering away at the walls of Babylon itself. 

Which is just dripping with prophetic irony since she's never been shy about dabbling with imagery some folks might see as rather Scarlet Womanish or even Pearly. Like when she was running around with our old pal Marilyn here, for starters.

Without getting too graphic, let me just reiterate that reasonable people could interpret Ruby Stars and Ruddy Cups as corollating to the Star Ruby ritual of the Astrum Argentum and the Elixir Rubeus, or the Sippy Cup of Abominations, if you prefer.

Let's just say I wouldn't be entirely shocked if we found out ol' Marilyn there keeps a pitcher of the stuff in the fridge.

Oh, not even close to SFW

Which brings us to this video here, which is...um...quite colorful. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised it sounds like our Rose may have been listening to a Cocteau Twins record or twenty.  

So much so that she may actually be interviewing for the office of Fraserling Supreme. I think someone told me something about that. I'll check her Twitter.

Interesting chorus: "Only here, to paint color on the sun/Only here, to see the fire run"

What color? Ruby Red, perhaps?

Anyhow, this track sounds like our Rose subsists solely on a music diet of Cocteau Twins, Survive and TimeCop1983. Maybe some early Human League and Depeche Mode. Not only that but she quotes Blade Runner in the intro, and more specifically, Orion. Plus Blade Runner 2049 and the Vegas and you know the rest of it by now.

Oh, plus the fact that she's actually dressed up as a Pearly Dew-Drop or Vega or whatever in it as well.

I don't need to remind any of you that Rose the Pearly here is the All-Important 44 (years of age). Or that she's rocking the Orange everywhere you look these days. She's even made Orange part of her brand.

See this rather spirited turn on Mockingbird Tonight with Steven Colbert. 

Colbert seemed a bit distracted. Maybe he has big plans this weekend with the Podesta boys and needs to get his booster shots. 

Colbert tried to get the Rosy One to spill a bit about the Children of God sex cult, possibly because it turns him on but probably because his supervisors were curious if McGowan still remembered anything about their international honeytrap--slash--kiddieporn--slash--sex trafficking op. 

McGowan's too visible to haul into Fort Detrick for a cream-rinse but they might want their Twitterbots to salt the fields in case she starts blabbing about that, too.

Then there's the odd discussion CIAolbert had with McGowan about Jonah, who Rosie didn't seem overly familiar with. But maybe she was thinking about Ionnes AKA Oannes, the famous Merman-god of Babylonian history. 

Because you gotta throw that in there somewhere.

Rose's appearance seemed a bit manic to some, but I was thinking maybe she was taking the initiative to avoid getting sandbagged by the CGI's top man on late night, who can't really be happy about the whole Weinstein business. Oh, quite the contrary.

And do note that Rose seems to have been informed that Reality recently passed away after a short illness. Reality left his estate to his ketamine-addicted nephew, who is currently taking a pickaxe to the joint.

McGowan plows on in a similar vein to "RM486" on her new single, throwing in a dash of Grimes and a pinch of Ladytron to the musical batter. 

The album title is fascinating, since we heard about Planet Nine shortly after Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas...

In fact, our old pals at Jack Parsons Liber-AL-Tories dropped that bit of trivia atop our heads three days on. 

Yeah, Sirene=Siren. I mean, that's a given these days.

And just because the New Reality Paradigm has to fuck with my head morning, noon and night, McGowan's new album features a track called "Canes Venatici," who of course are...

...Bo�tes' hunting dogs. Bo�tes being the famous Shepherd Boy you've heard way, way, way too much about here lately. But I guess now you know why. This stuff seems to be important to people, for reasons we're not told.

For those of you who might not remember, Canes Venatici is due north to the Cocteau Twins AKA Beauty and the Beast AKA Virgo and Leo, who seemed to have started this whole donneybrook in the first place. 

I've laid out my argument that the Scarlet Woman represents Coma Berenices, named after the Egyptian queen who shaved her head and sacrificed her hair to Aphrodite.  So I suppose it makes perfect sense that Rose is doing her best to tear Hollywood Babylon down, given Coma's proximity to Canes Venatici and Our Lady of Revelation 12.

It makes sense on Backwards Day, I mean.

While we're on that topic, let's take another look at what the Pearly Dew Drops' Drops might actually be referring to, and that takes us from Revelation 12:1-2 to its inverse, Revelation 21:21, where we learn of the Pearly Gates. 

And since Dew-Drops were said to fall from Heaven, I think you can do the math. Especially given that these fallen Heaven things are going to bind themselves to souls.

Of course, Revelation 21 is all about the New Jerusalem, which many eschatologically-minded folk equate with the building of the Third Temple, which Trump seems to be pushing along with the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Well, with all that in mind let's revisit that enigmatic second verse: "Taciturn's (Taffy turns) a color / Taffy turns Alamandite (Almandine)." We saw how Taffy is a Welsh diminutive for David, which corresponds to Lyra AKA King David's Harp. But a bit closer to home:

Guess what? King David and the New Jerusalem are in the news again. The City of David, that is. Which absolutely no one seems to be paying attention to since oh my God, did you see what Trump just tweeted? Why, I never! 

Which some have been eyeing as the site for the Third Temple. The construction of which would be seen by the Islamic world as an intolerable affront and quite possibly an automatic declaration of war. But never mind that, Trump just said something else stupid or offensive on Twitter. 

Man Person Plural/nonplural/otherkin the hustings!

Did I mention that the US Embassy is being moved to Jerusalem as well? Or maybe even the City of David. Unless they have other plans for it.

But do note that the Walls and Foundation of the New Jerusalem--or the Third Temple, to some-- are built of jasper. 

Walls and foundation, now. Kind of important, even if only symbolically.

You've seen jasper. Doesn't seem like a great construction material to me. But what do I know?

But it is pretty much the same color as almandine. Which Taffy--or David--turns.

You with me? What are the next two verses again?

"Rooster eye on my star / To rip asunder what he saw."

Great. Thanks. I guess.

What other connection might Rooster have to stars? Hmm...

Oh, I know: Canis Minor--who are the hunting dogs of Orion in the same way Canes Venatici are the hunting dogs for Bootes-- was once called the Rooster. By the Babylonians:

So the Rooster eye on my star, could be Canis Minor's eye on Orion-- Betelgeuse, for instance-- home of the Nephilim.

Or the Pearly Dew-Drops Drops.

And again, that rip asunder line? That's kind of this song's equivalent to the end of The Wicker Man.  Oh, it's all so fun and jolly and Scottish until someone gets incinerated atop a windy seaside cliff.

And just because our Cosmo-Demonic A.I. Overlords are off-the-hook OCD, here's a track featuring samples of Our Lady singing to the Siren.

Interesting release date, wouldn't you say? Ring a bell? No? How soon we forget. Here's a hint:

No, it never ends. Ever. 



Speaking of Orange, no one seemed to tell Fall Out Boy that everyone only wears Orange to commemorate Halloween or whatever bullshit. They wore Orange skull makeup during their appearance on Cringe All Night with James Corden.

And lo and behold, Joan as Police Woman is rocking the Orange in her new music video, which just dropped like a Pearl on February 1st.

For those of you who are new to all this, Joan as Police Woman is better known as Joan Wasser, for whose affections young Jeff Buckley crushed the hopes and dreams of our beloved and precious Sibyl.

Wasser, whom former Fishbone keyboardist Chris Dowd called Buckley's "man-sized love," got her start in rock with grunge band The Dambuilders.

More on that later, speaking of omens. 

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