The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour is Undead!

Another X-Files premiere, another social media firestorm. 

Twitter seemed to reach a new fever-pitch of instant apoplexy after the airing of "My Struggle III." Accusations of misogyny and rape apology are being hurled at Chris Carter, based on a revelation that A., is a recycling of a very early X-Files trope and B., may in fact be a lie.

With all this in mind, Raj Sisodia and I have launched a special series with a spoiler-happy analysis of "My Struggle III" for the revived Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour. 

Like its predecessors, "My Struggle III" was a slideshow of conspiracy culture circa 2018. It showed once again that Chris Carter loves nothing better to poke at hornet's nests, even if his reach often exceeds his grasp. But he clearly pays very close attention to what's going on in the Information Underground.

I have big ideas for The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour so be sure to like, share and leave comments. 

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