2018: Same Great 2017 Taste, with 33% More Apocalypse!

"Some people are falling for it." Of course they are, because those mannequins don't look anything at all like oversized action figures. And the bumpkins and naifs who attend the Consumer Electronics Show aren't used to seeing these kinds of exhibits, right? 

But hey, you gotta push those antihuman memes so what's a little white lie for the cause?

"Sent in Error." Oh man, you just gotta love it. Wasn't there an old Cold War movie about exactly this kind of "error?"

"Error." Classic. 

Right up there with "64 year-old millionaire turned mass shooter."

Oh, and the specific date (1/13)?

Bonus factoid: The Pink Opaque has the only official release of "Millimillenary." The song was recorded originally for an NME Christmas flexidisc.

Hey, don't look at me. I'm not creating this stuff.


Anyway, back to the Carnival of Atrocities in Heaven or the Vegas.

So how about this whole "human sleeve" riff here? Just play a few bars of that ol' "uploading your consciousness into a new vessel" refrain and the aspiring Cylons will be humming along in no time.

And my goodness, that little birth bag there looks vaguely familiar...

...oh right; the artificial womb being used to incubate cloned animals. 

I thought it was some kind of predictive programming or something.

Speaking of anti-human...

"Babies are nothing more than drooling, crying blobs who basically do nothing all day."

No, Mr. Sociopath, babies are human beings whose brains are processing information at a rate many multiples of that of any adult.  

Mother of fuck, this pampered overclass and their anti-human nihilism. Are they ever in for the ultimate rude awakening...

And as many of you know, the big story out of Heaven or Las Vegas this week is the robot stripper show. I'm sure the punters went strictly for the lulz-- or at least I hope they did-- but you can never really tell these days. 

I mean, there are some seriously-warped minds out there in SiliCylon Valley. Who the hell knows what gets their rocks off when they're not hate-fucking war refugees or sucking down the hemoglobin of trafficked Guatemalan children

And course it's 17 photos. When is it not? 

Yeah, this story really gave me a chuckle. The artist is concerned about the impact of robots on the sex industry? Precious.

Reminded me of this story here...

Yeah, the time to worry was before you created the sexbots, Sparky. And weren't we just discussing how all of these anti-human memes will be funneled into the culture via "Art?" 

It's kind of like the old "you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you" chestnut. Only in this instance it's "Hey man, like stop harshing on my hyper-realistic depictions of dismembered toddlers being skull-banged by transgenic murder-sharks. I'm, like, just holding a mirror up to society."  

Fresh off the PR disaster kicked by the processing chip "flaw," Intel signaled that they're on the square in Vegas with the new 49-qubit quantum processor. 

Oh man, these stories just write themselves, don't they?

If you're new to all this, you might need some remediation on the 49 meme:

Revelation 12:4 & 9 is where we're told about the Fallen Angels, AKA the Vegas AKA the Pearly Dew-Drops. Their names are Legion.

Then there's this passage, unlocking the Garlands meme we see so darn much of these days. "She" is Sophia, who seems to have been appropriated by the Veganites.

And of course it was a 49-er who kicked off the take-a-knee movement in the NFLim.

And it was Super Bowl 49 where Katy Hudson very-accurately predicted that "jaws will drop and faces will melt," even if she was two days off in her prophecy

Cut her some slack, it's an art, not a science. But do note Missy pointing to the approaching Vegas sky.

Anyhow, there's also this bit of seed-planting here. Don't quote me on this but my best guess that the "spooky action" in secure quantum networks will be the Vegas' AI-Overlord rewriting the space-time continuum. 

Don't worry, it's just "spooky action." It's a glitch or something. Hey, why don't you take some time off? Sure, go ahead. You've been working like a dog lately. Go to Vegas or something. 

Actually, you can leave right now. I'll have security help you with your things.

Speaking of Futurism.com, their 2018 forecasts help plant those alien seeds in the geekly subconscious, something we're actually seeing quite a lot of these days.

I'm old enough to remember when sites like Space, Live Science and Futurism laughed alien stuff off without a second thought. 

Of course, I have groceries old enough to remember that as well.

And those AI seeds are being pretty well planted, too. 

Hopefully, the Vegas will commend their puppets for their thoroughness while they laser-saw their skulls open and suck out their brains with Silly Straws. A little praise can go a long way.

Yeah, grim stuff. I think we need a laugh or two to lighten the mood. I know exactly where to go...

Of course he emailed about bumpstocks. He was re-selling them on the black market. "Couldn't figure out why," they say! ROTFLMAO!

Stop, stop- I'm busting a gut here!

Yeah, he emailed "try before you buy, we have huge selection" to himself but they don't know why! 

Seven burners? For a guy on a suicide mission? Oh man, this is first season of Reno 911-level hilarity here! 

Hey, you know who keeps a safe the size of a refrigerator in their houses? People who deal in large amounts of cash.  

Like, oh, I don't know--black market gunrunners, maybe?

I don't know, folks-- is this the real world or are we all living in a VR reboot of Police Academy here?

Maybe it's a sim being run by the Vega AI. 

"Vega AI"-- now where did they get that idea for a moniker?

Maybe there's an online name-generator from some old Geocities site all these Cylons are using. 

Have you heard of the Vega Digital Awards? Me neither. But it's a thing.

Sheer coincidence they use an astronaut for a mascot. 

Has nothing to do with "Vega" coming from the Arabic term meaning, "the Eagle Has Landed."

"We chose the name "Vega" to recognize the joy of creation by the brightest stars in the digital media heavens." Sure, they did.

Only problem is that Vega is not the brightest star in the sky. Not even close.

The stars always look brighter when you're in love.

Oh man, this is hilarious-- "We are all of us, stars..."

Did Marilyn Monroe actually say that?

Or was she paraphrasing?

Yeah, the choice between Heaven or Las Vegas has never been quite so stark. But it will probably be getting a lot starker before the year is up.

In other news Virgo Galactic was all aces for a recent test-flight of their "spaceplane" (sic). You gotta that billionaire audacity- calling your low-earth-orbit tour company "Galactic."

Is it called Vi-Ga for short? Let me know in the comments.

Speaking of billionaires, I gotta say Lex Luthor looks terrific for a guy his age. I have heard tell that that 'tweener hemoglobin is a real fountain of youth.

33 million! Oh man, what a bunch of jokers these guys are. If the world domination thing doesn't work out, there's always standup. 

But you don't need to signal anymore, not really. You can just come right out with it.

Who's going to stop you? 

And no one comes right out with it better than Dubai, aka "Splashdown City." 

Twin towers linked by 93 meter bridge? Do what thou wilt, Dubai! Party on!

And in case you forgot, the Dubai Frame is right next to Stargate Dubai. 

Yeah-- there actually is a Stargate Dubai. You're awake. You're not hallucinating.

Stargate Dubai also features this little decoration here. The Dubai Rubik's Cube, I think they call it. 

They don't? Whatever.

Either way, Dubai's Rubik Cube is a checkerboardy variation of Cubes that we see all over the world, like this one in Manhattan's Astor ("Star") Place. 

Astor Place is named after the robber-baron Astors. Because suck on it, peasants. 

There's also a Cube at the Ann Arbor campus of UMich, of all places. If you're in the area and want to visit, here's a map for you....

...just hang a right at Mason Hall. You can't miss it.

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