Uncomfortably Numb: The Rape of Persephone

So a reader turned me on to a new French TV series called Les T�moins ("The Witnesses"), which its creators proclaim is based in the "Nordic Noir" genre, similar to shows like The Killing. 

Well, that's one way of looking at it. What I've seen so far reminds me of nothing else but a Gallic update on Chris Carter's Millennium

It's chalk full of Millenniumistic themes: cults, ritual killings, mind control, child abduction and all the rest of those cheery kinds of subjects.


Season Two of Les T�moins deals with the highly-Ten Thirteenesque ritual killings of a group of men who all have one thing in common; they were all lovers of a mysterious woman whose memory seems to have been erased.

Appropriately enough, given the Nordic Noir conceit, it's set in Normandy, one-time stomping grounds the Normans, aka the Medieval Hell's Angels. 

And birthplace of Jacques Vallee, as fate would have it.

It might be more exact to describe the series as mix of Millennium's apocalypticism, The Killing's gloom and True Detective's occult-tinged proceduralism. 

Sure enough, there's a heavy mythological influence. Showrunner Marc Herpoux : 
"This shift towards the mythic has become our hallmark. This time, we worked on the Minotaur, who is waiting, in his Labyrinth, for children to be given to him as food."

Pizza, perhaps.

While investigating the deaths of this mystery woman's lovers, the lead detective is herself abducted by the Marc Dutroux stand-in, who is part of a very sick and weird cult that kidnaps women, wipes their memories, reprograms them, has them impregnated and steals their babies so they may be brought up in the cult, which seems to be a spin on McKenna's Archaic revival.

The Dutroux figure takes the detective to his basement dungeon and begins injecting her with memory-wiping drugs. 

He's quite insane and sees his victims as his brides.

Like a true sociopath he sees his ritualized crimes as part of a mystic realization that completely consumes him. Amnesia is a sacrament to him.

Things get rather dire and our heroine seems to be doomed, fated to become breeding stock, a dangerous thing at her age.

But wait. Wait a second. That image behind her. 

It looks oddly familiar. Damn, where have I seen that before?

Think, think....

Dammit. It's on the tip of my tongue.

And that image on the left- that looks familiar too. Hmm, let's zoom in a bit...


That's why.

Well, big deal, right? It looks like there are a lot of pop stars on the wall there. What's a couple little pinups?

Let's zoom out now then....


Yeah. By my rough count, there are at least ten Elizabeth Frasers on the back wall of this ritual dungeon here.

And the Frasers seem to be arranged so whatever we see of the wall here, there's always an Elizabeth Fraser in-frame. 

Including three separate Frasers above the kidnapped woman's bed. Someone is trying to send a message here.

This is the third, by the way.

They even go so far as to have this photo on the wall twice, at the far left and the far right. 

And of course, "Fraser" is a Norman name.

Maybe this is another example of that overkill-- like we saw with the Siren-- that requires us to pay attention to what is really being said here.

Herpoux compares this room to the Labyrinth, but I see more of a Persephone allegory at work, with this Dutroux character as Hades. The ritually-arranged frozen corpses don't exact dissuade me in this.

Persephone was immortalized on two separate songs on Treasure, including "Ivo (Peep Bo)," which we looked at in the context of Lil' Peep's OD death.

Jesus Christ, this has been a very weird year.


Since I'm only 98.3% sure that reality is not being overwritten by the Cosmodemonic AI, I should mention that this wonderful reader raised the issue of this series at the same time I was struggling with sorting out the few facts we have about the background of this woman who some entity seems to be encoding into every Secret Sun-worthy event of the past year or so.

The scenario in this new series is of course reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs, though not nearly as grisly.  Which opens the whole butterfly, um, can of worms.

Which then brings us to the fact that Fraser was hired to perform in the direct precursor to this year's MK-ULTRA ballet, produced by BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis and the Rosie Kay Dance Company. 

When I'm right, I'm right.

We then need to factor into all the songs she wrote about butterflies and moths, including one song whose lyrics are basically a recitation of the scientific names of various butterflies.

Which then raises the issue of the UK and Ireland being literally over-run with sociopathic elite pedophiles (including top officials at MI5 and MI6) when Fraser was young. 

We know she was hospitalized on at least three different occasions for PTSD dating back to sexual abuse in her home, but I just can't shake the feeling that's not the whole story.

And a recent biography-- originally published in France-- leads me to believe that feeling may well be based in fact.
�I grew up in a very special family, with two sisters who were half mad. One of them spent a long time in a correctional home. The other one tried to kill me. Nothing serious!� 
At age 14, Elizabeth left home with one of her sisters.
So it's 14, not 16. And she wouldn't fall in with Robin Guthrie until she was 17. And one of her sisters spent "a long time in a correctional home." 

So which sister did she leave home with? The one who was placed in a home or the one who tried to kill her? 

It's an important question, because it raises the possibility that she and her sister left home at the same time because both were put into a home.

Which at the time Elizabeth Fraser was 14 was one of the most horrific places in the civilized world for a small, frightened child to be.

It all starts to make a horrible kind of sense, especially when placed in the context of Fraser's long and painfully-public psychic meltdown (and Robin Guthrie's concurrent heroin hell), which media outlets like MTV, Select and Robert Maxwell's Melody Maker (which had previously heavily promoted Cocteau Twins) gleefully framed as a freak-show (including the MM's 9/11/93 cover featuring an extreme close-up of Fraser's left eye). 


It gets worse. 

I made a few goofs when discussing this with Greg Carlwood on THC, like misstating Fraser grew up in a Catholic family rather than a Catholic neighborhood

Another snippet of information then:
 "It was wonderful growing up with music in the house, because there was so much tension just outside the door, like our Protestant segregation from Catholics. 
My brother and grandfather were in the Orange Lodge, and you weren�t allowed to cross the road when they marched."

The Orange Order. 

My God, this poor woman never stood a chance. 

I mean, we still have no documentation proving Fraser was put into care in some Dickensian hellhole when her Orangeman family kicked her and her sister out of the house at age 14, but it would certainly explain quite a lot.

Such as the lyrics on the album released during her meltdown. This, from "Theft, and Wandering Around Lost."

Is this what my body said?
"Use me, Drain me, Fall around me"
Is this what my body said?
"Engulf me, I�m already dead"

Keep cutting myself on the edges of reality

Keep cutting myself on the edges of reality

Maybe there's a clue here:
SCULLY: So, you started to tell me about walk-ins but I'm not sure if I grasped the finer points.
MULDER: Well, it, it's kind of a new age religion based on an old idea. That if you, uh, lose hope or despair and want to leave this mortal coil, you become open and vulnerable.
SCULLY: To inhabitation by a new spirit.
MULDER: A new enlightened spirit. 

For reasons I can't begin to understand, something big and weird and powerful is using this woman to communicate with us somehow. 

I very much believe we need to figure out what it's trying to say.


The CIA Daily Gazette is really pushing the Pentagon alien thing, demanding that YOU should care about it. 

ALWAYS a bad sign. Run.

Lady Gaga, whom we last saw recreating the Millennium Dome Show at the Super Bowl, will be appearing at the MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas for a two-year run.

Because of course.

Don't forget this year's Super Bowl will be held in the Twin Cities.

Because of course.

If you want to catch this new season of Les T�moins, look for it under that title.

And to end it all on a seasonal up note, here's another reminder of the otherworldly gifts this singularly-enigmatic woman possesses.

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