The Never-Ending Ritual: Heaven or Lux Vega

I had no idea what a big deal this was but American Doll just released its new "Girl of the Year" for 2018.

Meet Astronaut-in-Training, "Luciana Heaven or Lux Vega." 

AKA "Luciferia Pearly Dew-Drops' Drop."

AKA "Anno Lucis of the Vegas."

Luci--Ana = Anno Lucis

I really don't even know what the hell to say about any of this anymore, other than it never, ever ends. 


If any of this is new or confusing to you, all I can say is back up to June 2017 and start reading through to the end of the year.  

If you're still lost, don't worry. That's a good sign.

It means you're still sane.


Luciana--> Girl of the Anno Lucis--> 2018

Charlotte--> Charles --> "Male Warrior"

Charlotte Vega--> "The Heavenly Androgyne"

Pegasus --> "Transgenic Chimera"

The Fall of Lucis-Anno  

Pazuzu descends --> possesses a preteen girl

"Well, I sure as shooting wasn't seeing things when (Lady Gaga) fell from the stars to the stage. Just like in- you guessed it-- the Millennium Dome Show."

American Girl Descends --> AG --> 17

Pearly Dew-Dropping in front of American flag


The Original Astronauts- 4/9/59

Picture taken 3/17/60

Garlands. Always remember- Garlands.

Sophia Descends...

...and is then exalted on a pedestal.

And exalted on a pedestal.

And exalted on a pedestal.

And exalted on a pedestal. Plus, Blue and Gold.

Plus, more Blue and Gold.

"Braving the Deep." Now I know they're trolling us.

Major- God's Gift- Ancient Free and Accepted Mason (MMM= 13-13-13)

The King is Dead, Long Live the Rey (Regulus).

"Canto Bight"--> "Song of the Bay"

So "Canto Bight" encodes "Song to the Siren" plus...

..."Heaven or Las Vegas." All Hail Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.

59 Years before Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas

The Sickle (plus hexagonal honeycomb)

The Sickle

Anno-Lucis Vegas--> Huntsville

Operation Paperclip--> Huntsville

Amy Anderson (AA=11) --> Huntsville

I hope this makes sense. I mean, I realize none of this makes sense at all. But we're grading on a curve here. 

Because before you know it, absolutely nothing will make sense. Ever again.

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